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Raus mit der Wahrheit!

Out with the Truth, or so it goes in German. So here it is. The fully-clothed Truth (being barenaked is illegal, you know.)

Name: The Truth.
Location: Singapore.
Geboren: 29/09/1985

Special Abilities:

1. Levitation.
The Truth is, that...
2. Master Elementalist.
K'ung Fu Power

3. Part-time Maori.

4. Medicine Man.
medicine with weird vibes
Other more relevant facts:

2-bar lieutenant general. Always looking for work. Wants to study Philosophy and something else in Uni. Hopes to be able to write for a living, as a columnist or a journalist (Satire, anyone?) Suffering sometimes from delusions of grandeur. Knows German, but hates Grammatik (ich habe Umlaut mit Urlaub verwechselt!) Capable of deep thought, but retarded 60% of the time. Close friends don’t know how much they can affect him. Has a problem with thinking too much, reading too much into things. Procrastinates on keeping fit. Fags sometimes. Loves to mix drinks. Not Looking anymore. Listens to too many kinds of music. Prefers international movies, but everything goes really. Unnaturally garang at times.

Keep flying high out there, all…
The Truth.



1. Does it Matter? - June 4, 2007


first singaporean blog i read that mixed singlish with german 🙂

Du has gute Arbeit geleistet und mach weiter so!! 🙂

2. misery - November 27, 2007


how long did it take for you to become proficient in German?

and do you know how long would someone who has only a rudimentary (close to nothing) command of the language have to take classes until he becomes proficient enough and qualified to study in a German university?


3. Agagooga - April 20, 2008

Incidentally, truth can be defamatory. At least in Singapore.

4. JCDaedalus - July 16, 2008

Ach so, auch ein Singapurer, der Deutsch kann! Wo haben Sie Deutsch gelernt? Es ist ja interessant, dass man Singlish und Deutsch mischt. Hoffentlich wuerden Sie mehr Singapurische-Denglisch schreiben!

To misery:
German takes quite a bit of time, since it’s a more complex language compared to English. It took me about 4 years to become fluent in the language and that was with a rather limited vocabulary.

5. Chinamann - December 7, 2008

5 Jahre ueberall, 10 Jahre in Hannover und das hat gereicht. Ab in die Heimat.

6. Matt - February 22, 2009

heheh, check this out!

7. Hong Kong - November 10, 2009

@Chinamann: 10 Jahre Hannover reicht wohl jedem. Ich hatte dort 25 zu erleiden, bis ich die Stadt dann endlich verlassen habe. Jetzt hin- und hergerissen zwischen San Francisco und Hongkong. Ach ja. 🙂

Interessantes Blog! Gerade erst drüber gestolpert.

Pfeffermatz - August 12, 2012

Habe 10 Jahre in Hannover gelebt, bin nun 10 Jahre weg, und vermisse die Stadt jeden Tag – so unterschiedlich sind Menschen!

8. Carol Soon - February 18, 2010

Dear blogger of Die Neue Welle,

I apologise for leaving my request as a comment as there is no other way for me to reach you. I am a PhD candidate from the Communications and New Media programme at the National University of Singapore, and my research examines political blogging and activism. “Die Neue Welle” came up in my sampling process and I am writing to you to seek your valued participation in a survey.

WHAT is this study about?
Without saying too much to bias your responses, my study concerns bloggers’ online usage, their social networks and their participation/non-participation in activism. Whether you have participated or have not participated in any activism activity, your responses will be vital in helping me gather empirical evidence on blogging and its effects.

WHY should you help?
There has been much talk in the media and in the parliament on the rise of blogging and online discourse. But do blogging really impact civic participation? How does it do so? Your responses to the simple survey will go a long way in contributing to the nascent field of research on blogging in Singapore.

HOW can you help?
The survey involves easy-to-answer questions (e.g. Yes/No, ratings of “1” to “5”) and will take only about 20 minutes of your time. Based on your preference, I can conduct the survey via email (or any other ways you prefer). Just reply to this email and I will send you the survey form.

Please help!
Bearing in mind the potential difficulties in getting an adequate sample for such a study, I would like to stress that every single participation counts. In addition, this study has been approved by the NUS Ethical Review Committee. You have my complete assurance that all your responses will be kept strictly confidential and your identity anonymous.

I have attached a Participation Information Sheet for more information. Do visit http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/cnm/research%20students/2006_grad_carol.htm for a brief write-up of my profile (please cut and paste if the link doesn’t work). Being a student with no funding support, I am bearing all research costs and appealing to your goodwill (and hopefully curiosity?) to take part in this study.

I look forward to hearing positively from you soon. Thank you for reading this email and giving my request your due consideration.

Best regards,

Carol Soon
(Emails: wtsoon@nus.edu.sg and carol_soon@yahoo.com.sg)

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