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2: Lionel de Souza June 16, 2009

Posted by The Truth in What Were They Thinking?!.

Ahh, Lionel de Souza.  A celebrity online (albeit for the wrong reasons,) ST Forum star (since his hate mail gets posted all the time,) full-time vigilante.  He has been demonising the Blogosphere, believing that most which is said there is unfounded and thus untrue, representing the Men in White against the dark, dark realm of the Blogosphere, gloating when the Kingdom of Lee achieves something (or publishes something in the State’s Times, no less! to that effect,) and regularly raiding Internet.

Yet, in his attempts to portray the Blogosphere as Hell, he has only written to the MSM.  De Souza is a consistent character – he is staunchly pro-government, believing all that the Gahmen says, which makes him a scathing dimwit, or at the very least, a very naive character in the eyes of those online.  You could also call him a Gahmen Taliban (Ed: too harsh!) fundamentalist, one who believes wholeheartedly in the nation.  It kind of shows when he writes glowing letters in praise of our Gahmen which goes way beyond heartfelt appreciation and borders on the edge of zeal.  You can also see his gloating at those who criticised the Gahmen in the aftermath of Mas’ Great Escape after Mas got somehow arrested.

Even though our ISD only played a major role in the State’s Times version.  And what’s more…didn’t the ISD make Mas Selamat’s Great Escape possible?  I have one thing to tell de Souza here: si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses. (“if you had shut up, you would have remained a philosopher.”)

But anyhow.  Lately, after our Christian fundamentalist friends were sent off to jail for distributing Chick tracts and TOC ran a commentary on it (see here,) de Souza saw fit to write to TODAY to accuse TOC of failing to exercise moderation.  His first allegation is most of the posts made are “nonsensical, crude and not worth reading.” Well, there ARE nonsense posts on TOC.  But i find the quality of comments there on average higher than those on the ST Forum, since most comments there end up degenerating into argumenta ad hominem. And instead of talking to the relevant authority, by which i mean TOC, he goes on to ask that the MDA investigate TOC due to comments which may sow “seeds which may inevitably promote religious disharmony..,” yadda, yadda.  By the way, which 8 comments ah?

Well.  If it affects you so badly, Mr. de Souza, you are welcome to air your views on TOC itself.  And since you deem most of the comments nonsensical, crude and not worth reading, why do you read them anyway?  Are you selectively trying to find something which can undermine the Blogosphere?  Indeed, who are you to reduce the Blogosphere and its inhabitants to a bunch of idiots? Why do you call upon a higher authority to investigate the TOC, instead of airing your views there?  Is it because there must be a chain of command?  Is it because online blogs are like a cancer, polluting the minds and thoughts of our beautiful, ideal, fantastic (in both senses of the word) world?  Also, he polarises the world of media and opinion into two worlds, the crude Blogosphere and the serious MSM (since that’s where he gets heard anyway.)

It all boils down to this question: is it that important that everything is separated into a clear-cut “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “evil,” “serious” and “nonsensical?” Lionel de Souza, without specific evidence, you claim that the Internet is a dangerous place.  And you also imply that most people are too stupid to differentiate wrong from right, are too stupid to understand grey zones.  Doing so, you are the one who has remained on a more simplistic, primitive world-view, and you are so audacious to want to bring others to your level?  If you did it with the best of intentions, in the zealous belief that this is good for Singapore and good for the people, then, indeed, Lionel, what were YOU thinking?

What was his thinking?!

What was he thinking?!



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