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1: Ministry for Creativity and Ideas? May 28, 2009

Posted by The Truth in What Were They Thinking?!.

Some of the things you find on the State’s Times never fail to amuse, like this particular guy’s perceived need for a “Ministry of Invension, Suggestion and Innovation.” For one, i find it really funny and a touch sad that people still think that Ministries Can Solve Everything.  But the very idea of a Ministry of Creativity is, well…an oxymoron.  ESPECIALLY if it’s a Ministry under a Full Minister.  I mean, what was he thinking?!

Having a ministry and a minister is all fine and good, but it also means that the ministry has a particular programme, and since Singapore is all about visible forms of “progress”, you can tell where all the areas where creativity and ideas are supposed to be located.  As in, certain ideas may be really creative, but i’m sorry, no cigar for you since your idea isn’t that practical/we won’t have anything to show off in 10 years.  If this is the case, then the definition of “creativity” must be necessarily a narrow one, defined by a certain set of parameters.

Is this not a contradiction, i.e. creativity is supposed to be free, and unrestrained, as long as it is within certain parameters?  So you are restraining the unrestrainable.  Bottom line is: a Ministry for Innovation is a BAD idea for the concept of creativity, and it will further polarise the useful/useless dichotomy in Singapore. After all, it looks like this ministry will be churning out invention after invention in the sciences and technology, but Singapore will essentially remain soulless, since everything is judged by how useful or how useless it promises to be.

So…instead of some ministry for creativity crap, i suggest that conformity be de-emphasised, and that people are encouraged to use their brains more in school. Only then can you hope to breed true creativity, not some artificial construct of creativity with OB markers.  But then again, you know that’s not going to happen.



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