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The AWARE takeover April 23, 2009

Posted by The Truth in WARNING: Heavy Reading Ahead.

So recently a lot has been said about the AWARE takeover.  Talk on the Net has been going on about them being fundamentalist Christians.  But first, before throwing that word around until it becomes so empty of meaning whatsoever, it’s worth asking what ‘fundamentalist’ is.  Do they follow a literal reading of the Bible, which is an accepted definition of ‘fundamentalism’: the reading of any holy text such that it is literally, i.e. word-for-word true?  We’ll probably never know, because interpretation is something which, although a higher authority can dictate how certain passages are to be interpreted, the individual is doing the interpretation.

Word is going around that we have a Deep Throat too, exposing mails regarding members joining AWARE.  They call for members to ‘give the vote to those who wish to be an agent of change for the Lord,’ and how ‘Our nation needs your support and action very urgently!’ Sounds like a Crusade in preparation, doesn’t it?  Actually, i’m not so concerned about the AWARE takeover.  There will, naturally, spring up another group which will try to continue the old AWARE’s tradition, even as AWARE becomes potentially more and more radical.  Think the amendment will work?  A power grab is in place and we are seeing it unfolding before our own eyes.

What i’m more interested in is this: reflecting on the Crusades, Ludwig Feuerbach said that religious belief and love were antitheses.  Christianity understands itself as absolute and universal – the Christian God is what metaphysicians would call the Absolute, the One, and they would give this entity a lot of adjectives beginning with omni-.  This absolute nature of God can be found everywhere in the Bible, e.g. John 14:6, Acts 4:11-12 etc.  But in staging this takeover, and if the agenda the new AWARE has in mind is what people think it to be, isn’t the new AWARE contradicting itself?

If the leaked mails are genuine, someone feels under attack and they want to, how shall i put it, reinstate the status quo.  But in doing so, they are cutting off this problem of sexuality altogether.  The mails speak of a change of focus to other problems of women and families.  So where does the LGBT ‘problem’ go?  It seems that the takeover is explicitly anti-gay, and how can this be put in context with tolerance?  Can we not love a person who may be gay?  Would you love your son if he were gay?  Would you accept him as he is and not see it as a mental illness?  How do we reconcile religious belief with love?  Matthew 5:47 asks: And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others?

If the new AWARE’s aim is to lessen the focus on the LGBT issue, then let’s say there’s a lesbian girl who is forced by weight of religion and social intolerance (i.e. having nowhere to run to) to be straight, act straight and all.  Is that not a form of discrimination?  In this case, the new AWARE members may think they are doing good, but how is it possible for them to equate ‘being this’ as good and ‘being that’ as bad?  What do they do more than others?  It is overly simplistic to do so, and that is certainly not the way to express universality.  There is not much love in this party indeed…



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