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I am Singaporean IX – I Love Singlish! December 12, 2008

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. II, Im Allgemeinen.

Okay so apparently in the Straits Times MOE and MICA have written about learning English again.  Read liao can tor hwee okay.  Singlish is bad, they say, and Good English is the Way to Go.  So this reply will be written in Singlish…Gasp! Arrest him! Take him off the Net!

What i really cannot understand, ar, is why we are still treated like children.  Machiam like if we are exposed to Singlish when we are young, then the rest of the future hong kan liao.  Singlish very jialat meh?  Then should learn whose English?  Must speak RP (Received Pronunciation, The Queen’s English) ah?  Always saying that if the ginnaz (=children) kena exposed to Singlish, then mati already.

We have attained a level of proficiency in English among our young and the general public. However, it would be wrong to assume that this competency is a given, if standards are not adhered to […] The Ministry of Education’s experience in schools is that the use of Singlish will confuse students and hinder their progress in developing competency in the English language. If children hear Singlish, they will learn Singlish.

I think hor, that MOE should not be so irresponsible.  Just say that the children will learn Singlish if they are exposed to it is really kong jiao wei.  At home no speak Singlish meh?  MOE is really quite space wor, assuming that Singaporeans don’t speak Singlish at home.  Then speak like British Royal Family meh.  Perhaps the solution is for MOE to teach that English and Singlish is not same-same one.   English must use when talking to ang mor, or when the situation is different, like interview or O Level Orals like that.  Singlish is use with peng you one.  Like that easier mah.  Why must purify Singapore from Singlish?

Really like 崇洋媚外, how come our Singlish so chor lor, must learn ang mor English.  I never said that learning ang mor English is bad, my question is: why cannot teach English and say that Singlish is okay, but u must know when to use it?  This Gahmen really don’t trust us.  Everyday counting on us to make money for Singapore still don’t trust us.  Everything also must control.  At the very best should take newborn babies away from their parents, so they cannot speak Singlish.  Bo exposure mah.  How come Singlish is like a sickness, must be removed from Singapore?  How come Gahmen cannot trust us to know when to use English and when to use Singlish?

Probably cos MOE and MICA only listen to what linguists tell them which sounds good for their Speak Good English policy.  You see ah…they accept what linguists say wor.  But they also don’t want Singapore to become a language zoo for people to investigate.

As linguists have pointed out, the language environment in Singapore is complex, due to the use of multiple and very different languages. […] While Singlish may be a fascinating academic topic for linguists to write papers about, Singapore has no interest in becoming a curious zoo specimen to be dissected and described by scholars.

See…in one article both accept and deny.  Contradiction.  So obvious that they use what they want to hear and throw away what they don’t want.  I think some people call it selective hearing wor.  Haiyoh.  Actually, Singlish very important one.  Singlish help to build identity mah.  See, if you go overseas to study, you can automatically see who is Singaporean or Malaysian mah.  Cos got Singlish.  Singaporeans overseas, even if they migrated liao, also can build identity because they speak Singlish mah.  Don’t know why Gahmen always wants to throw away our own identity, then at the same time complain Singapore bo identity.  Please lah.  This kind of thing even Primary One schoolchildren can tell you.

Gahmen always looking outwards, but never look inwards one.  Also, looks like Singaporean identity not important one.  Maybe Gahmen thinks can make Singaporean identity the way they want it…like can eat mee siam mai hum…probably part of their Singaporean culture mah!  Singapore so artificial, no wonder people don’t want to stay also.  Everything is kong lui one.  All about money.  MICA and MOE make it very clear at the end of their letter wor.

Singaporeans’ overriding interest is to master a useful language which will maximise our competitive advantage, and that means concentrating on standard English rather than Singlish.


I am Singaporean VIII – Accountable Parties December 5, 2008

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. II, Im Allgemeinen.
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One party or multiple parties?  Lately, Xiao Lee has made it clear that a one party system is what he would prefer.  You can be sure he’ll be gunning to put that into effect – as if the pathetic opposition presence of politicians, who are more obedient than not, and the constant persecution of a certain few aren’t enough for proof.

And all the shit that has been flying around the world lately has shown us a side of Singapore the MIW probably didn’t never wanted us to see.  And the people are angry.  Just go to Speaker’s Corner to find out.  And the discourse now is about a one-party or multiple-party government.  And to put it roughly, people are split into the one-party and the two-party camp – one-partiers are more about efficiency in seeing through policies and the general rapid development of the country, whereas multiple-partiers are more about having an effective system of checks and balances to make sure there is no abuse of power.

The PAP has made itself so indispensible to Singapore that once the PAP somehow cracks, Singapore is doomed.  The thing is that most Singaporeans don’t, or they don’t want to, perceive the danger Singapore is in.  Singapore can be finished in five years, and contra Lee Senior, it is going to be the PAP’s fault.  They have conditioned Singaporeans into flocks of obedient sheep which will do whatever the government tells them to, because it seems that the Government knows what’s best.  Daddy knows what’s best, so shut up and work/put your money into CPF/let us invest in risky investments/don’t complain.  We should ‘move on’ when something goes wrong, but why doesn’t the Government move on when political opinions do something wrong?

And Singaporeans are taking it in like a certain bitter hallucinogen which tastes bad, but enables one to live on in the Singapore Dream.  We seem to forgive and forget, or we seem to not forgive but forget.  In politics i think, it is prudent to forgive, but not to forget and this is what we are missing out on.  Crisis after crisis, and the Gahmen ritually shuts up, expecting that it will blow over soon and that everything will be back to normal, because we have forgotten what’s happened.

One-partiers often compare Singapore to multiple-party systems, especially Taiwan.  True, we don’t want fisticuffs in Parliament.  But we also don’t want a Government which may be well-intentioned, but is totally indifferent to what the individual needs.  Everything is given up for ‘The Greater Good’, and when things go wrong, there doesn’t seem to be a Government which cares for us, despite our sacrifices.  If i’m not wrong, a certain Dr. Teo mentioned that we ‘should be thankful’.  Thankful for what?  Perhaps Singaporeans SHOULD be thankful because this is yet another reminder that the trust we place in our Government is overrated.

Our political system is competitive too, without the multiple-party system.  But how competitive?  Competitive according to the PAP’s rules, which means you have to follow them.  But who checks on the competition?  Indeed, if we feel that we should be accountable, it would be a small but significant step.  But no one wants to be accountable.  PAP will take care of everything.  It is this immaturity and dependence (a non-material ‘crutch mentality’ – yes they want your mental dependence, just not your financial dependence) on the Gahmen which has put Singapore in such a precarious spot.  Also, there is fear – fear that the Gahmen will fix you as a public servant if you vote for the Opposition.  Pork-barrel politics.  And more.  We have given the Government a carte blanche to rule, and it is ultimately up to us, the people, to show the Government that we are a force to be reckoned with.  No more walkovers, no more seeing your MP only once every 5 years when they come around to thank you for your votes, although your GRC was a walkover.

Of course we can remain trusting and loving to our Government, but has not this trust and love been betrayed again and again?  How is it that we trust the Government, whereas the Government doesn’t trust us?  Singapore is going down, as long as the PAP continues to dictate where Singapore is going.  With checks, you can be sure that policies are going to be better for the people.  You don’t even need a Grand Coalition – you need enough voices in Parliament to unsettle the PAP enough such that they will put into consideration what the people need.  And we have to stop being so forgetful.

Update: y’all should read this…you see, this is what happens when there aren’t checks and balances.  Although this may be an ‘executive decision’, but it runs totally contrary to what a Minister said about the responsibilities of the Town Councils.  No checks and balances = a feeling of immunity.