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The Singapore Spirit, and Wearing White August 5, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Time for another NDP post, since NDP is coming up on Saturday…

Aaron is right when he notes that everyone is in red except for the politicians in white. Of course, it could be a freebie which the masses wear out of pure gratitude, but symbolically, i think it is supposed to mean that the people are the blood of the country, and the politicians are white, i.e. incorruptible. I think that’s what it’s supposed to mean, or maybe it’s in the textbooks.

But in doing so, the politicians have separated themselves from the people. It’s also a symbolic separation, one which one can probably see today too in the form of policies which have questionable results, although the intention may be good. In other words, the difference between theory and praxis. Also shows in the way some politicians appear to be arrogant and be better-than-thou.

So Singapore Spirit is supposed to be celebrated in a stadium where the two groups are fully separated from each other? Probably Singapore Spirits should be celebrated instead. Maybe the politicians wanted to wear red, but, like Pontius Pilate, who ‘washed his hands’ off Jesus’ case, they’ve washed theirs too…they’ve washed off the everyday person’s persona and life, and moved on to better things.



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