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Deadbeat Kids… July 19, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I thought one post a day would be enough…but no, the States Times loves posting things which make me go ‘What The Fuck Was That?!’ again and again.

And this post is on Deadbeat Children. First of all, what on Earth is ‘deadbeat’?  From what i’ve managed to glean, ‘deadbeat’ according to his definition is someone who has kids and then expects the whole world to pay them grandly because they’ve gone ahead and done a great service to their country.  Just like the higher-class Singaporeans, and the foreign talents who refuse to take up citizenship.

Man, this guy is full of angst.  Or he must be an old-schooler totally frustrated at today’s problems.  He’s so full of angst that his diatribe argument is full of logical lacunae.  Firstly, who’s this ‘they?’ Deadbeat people or deadbeat kids?  And then he talks about parents indulging ‘them’ – i can only assume it’s the kids.  ‘Getting (literally) better-off children (married and unmarried) to make sacrifices’ – what do you mean here?  What is this emotional blackmail you talk about?

Maybe some structuring will bring some sense to his argument.  My interpretation is like this:

“The Swedish system will cause more deadbeats to have children.  They (these people) think the country owes them a living because they have done a great service to the country in their procreation.  Already parents indulge these (KIDS! nice attempt at switching the subject) with blah, blah, and this emotional blackmail.”

Life is a commercial transaction.  Welcome to Singapore!  And would you give more than you get?  Maybe he has…he could be a minister, you know.  Moralising or grandstanding or being heartless?  No, actually – i find it amusing.  Probably you are someone disappointed at today’s society, like many are.  But seriously, would you give more than you get?  Isn’t it the same everywhere in the world? Get as much as you can whilst giving as little, especially for commercial transactions.  Aren’t you the one using words like ’emotional blackmail‘ (which already implies a transaction of sorts)?

After all, specifically, how will the Swedish system give rise to deadbeats?  I’m so disappointed that you have so little faith in human nature, that people equate kids to money.  If people did do that, we would have ersatz pregnancies already.  Would a person be so stupid as to have more kids just for the money and the days off, when children are actually long-term investments?  You have so little faith in the human intelligence.  That’s sad.

The better-off Singaporeans seem pretty deadbeat…but isn’t that exactly what the Gahmen wants?  (Come to think of it…i wouldn’t be surprised if many thought the Gahmen was quite deadbeat…) Look, the Gahmen wants to boost the birth rate of the intelligent elite so hopefully we can become Brain Island or something like that.  And what of foreign talent?  Are they deadbeat?  I don’t think they are – they do contribute to society, but when something better comes along, off they go.  They contribute their due.  Perhaps you suffer from sour grapes because they are paid too much.

Also, family-friendliness doesn’t mean deadbeat kids.  Family-friendliness would instead make society a lot more cohesive, because the very basic unit of society, the family, is secure.  If you still insist on being Miss Anthrope and mistrusting human nature (whereas yours must be sparkly clean), then impose a cap on babies.  Three sound good enough for you?

And i wonder what Singapore is for you.  A society of non-deadbeats, then, would consist of ministers, taxi- and bus-drivers, waitresses and factory workers who do not complain and raise kids, since you choose to blend out the better-off, who are pretty much deadbeat for you.  Okay…welcome to the 60s?  Oh, i’m sorry.  Time travel isn’t possible yet.  Have a nice day.



1. xinyuan - August 1, 2008

I’m a Deadbeat Kid! Most normal students now that has any thought of achievement /isn’t/ deadbeat, from the people I know? Ahhhh. And my parents are definitely not indulgent, far from it, that guy is delusional. (Ich bin nicht sicher genug, dass ich kann in Deutsch kommentieren. =/ )

2. The Truth - August 1, 2008

kannst auf jeden Fall probieren 😉

I love absurdities. I love it more that the Straits Times publishes them.

3. xinyuan - August 3, 2008

Du hast vermutlich das [http://mollymeek.livejournal.com/196639.html] bereits gelesen – sehr amuesant 😀

4. The Truth - August 3, 2008

au ja das hab ich schon gelesen…

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