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Quo usque tandem abutere? July 15, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I am horrified at my life.  It seems like Singapore is too deeply ingrained into my very being – Katrin pointed it out today when she noted that i would never stop working, and i always put work before everything else.  And it horrifies me.  I profess to study overseas so that i have time for myself and not be caught up in the work race all the time, but i seem to have made myself the competitor.  How hypocritical i am.  The sad thing is that i know i’m not the only one.  I asked astee what i should do, and she has no idea too.  And the thing is that it’s not going to be easy to change, because i’ve been socialised like that.  To work hard.  But work until when?  Isn’t that a question the Gahmen doesn’t want to answer because it will ‘erode the work ethic?’

Perhaps i am over-generalising, but look around you.  How many people are truly happy?  How many people have their private lives invaded by work?  It seems that the separation of work and private life has spectacularly failed.  Your private life shouldn’t be a part of work life, but it seems that work life can be a huge part of your private life.  And it starts from primary school.  Homework, tuition, and all.  And it goes on, and on.  The Gahmen always says that Singapore only has human resources…but then again the Gahmen doesn’t treat us with the worth that it says we have.  All in the name of improvement and increasing compatibility.  It boils down to how you control your own life, and not getting caught up in the rat race, but how does one do that when the rat race has been so carefully created?

I am reminded of one of Cicero’s orations, and i will post it here in Latin with my translation:

QUO usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia? Nihilne te nocturnum praesidium Palati, nihil urbis vigiliae, nihil timor populi, nihil concursus bonorum omnium, nihil hic munitissimus habendi senatus locus, nihil horum ora voltusque moverunt? Patere tua consilia non sentis, constrictam iam horum omnium scientia teneri coniurationem tuam non vides? Quid proxima, quid superiore nocte egeris, ubi fueris, quos convocaveris, quid consilii ceperis, quem nostrum ignorare arbitraris?

And the translation:

HOW LONG, o Catiline, will you abuse our patience? For how long will that madness of yours elude even us? To what end does your unbridled madness toss itself about?  Does not the guards of the Palace at night, nor the night sentry of the city, nor the alarm of the people, nor this attack on the common good, nor this most secure location for the Senate to convene, nor the looks of those gathered here have any effect on you?  Do you not know that your plans have been uncovered?  Do you not see that your plans have been rendered powerless by the knowledge of all?  What did you do last night, where were you, which people did you summon, what plan did you hatch, which you assumed we did not know?

-Cicero, in Catilinam Prima in Senatu Habita

Stop this madness.  Or, at the very least, stop the hypocrisy.



1. diabetic, diabetic cooking, diabetes, foods for diabetic,diet for diabetic - November 28, 2011

You couldnt be more on the level!!!

2. edg - December 15, 2012


3. kevin kas - January 13, 2013

Thanks lady! It’s sweet of you!

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