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Money, Sex, Words June 21, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So lately, amidst all the reports of molesters being arrested and all, this blogger claims that she was molested by a friend.  Let’s not start by saying the girl was a cheap slut, but honestly, this was less than wise on her side.  Especially as the guy’s story has come out too.  The girl believes that the guy was a nice guy and she never expected him to do such a thing.  How disappointing.  I feel sorry for your cause, but there isn’t much you can do, realistically speaking.  But more on this later.

The guy says he has been chasing her for 2 years. Dinners, movies, maybe just picking her up from work.  She would let him put his arm around her shoulder or maybe hold her waist.   But, to avoid misunderstanding amongst her (possibly naturally gossipy) friends, she refused these advances when they were in a group.  Well and good.  Reasonably speaking, (and we know how paiseh some Singaporean girls can be when it comes to their boyfriends or people interested in them) she never talked to him about it in private.  And she damn well knew that he was interested in her.

Fast forward to a trip to Korea – perhaps she was being nice and it makes no sense going to Korea alone anyway, so might as well get a girlfriend to come along.  But none of her girlfriends were free, so she got our protagonist to go along with her.  And let’s see…she felt something rubbing against her butt.  So why didn’t she stop him?  Perhaps it’s natural to freeze.  But she had opportunity to stop him, or to even confront him about it.  And she didn’t.  Okay, maybe she was too shocked.  Then the friendship broke up, and they’re now living their separate lives.

There are some things she didn’t mention, though.  There’s 48 grand involved in this fiasco.  Was it on her original blog post?  Hell no, it wasn’t!  So why publicise this all of a sudden with all sorts of shoddy details?  Not to be misogynistic, but the fact that 48 grand was involved really undermines her credibility.  It makes people wonder if you’re exposing him just so that he’ll back down about demanding that 48 grand back.  Legally, you really don’t have a case.  It’s deplorable that this must happen to you and just you, but think about it.  If he sent you the wrong signal about accepting the 48 grand as a gift, you sent him plenty of wrong signals as well.

Like asking him to go to Korea, allowing him to take you out and spoil you, and so on, and so forth.  I wonder why you didn’t expose him on the spot, rather than wait for a year and cite nightmares.  I mean, it’s plausible and dramatic.  But maybe your financial situation got so dire that you decided to do a tell-all?  To me, it seems like a recipe for disaster – you can’t really prove that he did anything to you, can you?  He didn’t have sex with you.  And the story behind your story makes your original story so suspect.  Are you out to get 48 grand off your back?  And at the same time get back at him?

As for the guy, he really shouldn’t have done that.  All that doesn’t give you the right to go further.  But then again, at least he didn’t force himself on her.  However, you could have explicitly said it was a loan.  But then again, love or infatuation tends to make things different.  You are at fault, but in the aftermath, you are the victim.



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