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Disincentives June 19, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So more ERP gantries have been activated, and more CBD gantries are charging even more.

I have just one question: Why, har?

Must be because ERP gantries are sibei expensive. So must raise the charges to buy more ERP gantries. Or maybe cos people complain that MRT is damn squeezy and the train also sometimes CMI, and what’s more COE is not that high some more…so need a balance somewhere. Then again ah, it could have been a lightning bolt.

Either way, how come tup pai is always we all tio?  Bus fare increase, MRT fare increase, everything also increase.  Gahmen say too many cars liao, take public transport.  But then public transport also more expensive. I also don’t know why some public organisations are so locked in their ideas, cannot wake up one.  2008 liao everything still want to use disincentive…incentive not better meh?

Like our school system like that.  Always got a lot of incentive one.  Study hard so u can get into a good uni. Then can get good job. Then can get good life. Always got incentive one. Except sometimes don’t do well go home got 藤条 waiting for your ka-chng.  That one disincentive.  NS also got incentive.  U don’t ji siao me, i don’t give u jialat-jialat. Maybe even give u early book-out some more.  See, got incentive to behave well! So why always say aiyah Singaporeans not sensitive to ERP rates, this kind of thing…of course we sensitive la! ERP here, ERP there…we just got used to it and stopped complaining only mah!

Actually i didn’t know LTA so sensitive one. Nobody complain then they think we insensitive. Maybe their PR department too free, whole day kiao ka yo l*m par… so need something to make sure they work! I mean of course cannot give them money for nothing right? But why they only sensitive to this kind of thing…cannot be sensitive to MRT too crowded, things like that.  Then hor, they also cannot be sensitive to the fact that people want to go home after work.

But maybe Gahmen wants that la.  Work longer hours! In fact last time they said we should work longer years also ma…so a few more hours also never mind lor. Then more people stay in town, Singapore sibei vibrant. Always got people in town. Nehmind that they look so dulan…more people is what Singapore needs! First-class city! So very good for LTA, 响应政府的号召! So it’s not disincentive lah. Maybe it’s incentive. Work longer now, so next time u used to working longer. Good for you.

But then hor, i want my peace and quiet one lei. Think must go look for bicycle liao.  Must faster get bicycle…sekali Gahmen announce Bicycle tax, cos Singaporeans don’t drive anymore. Then bicycle come with ERP beep beep beep also.  Anyone got lobang?



1. Back2Nature - June 22, 2008

Hmmm.. may be I better not share too much about cycling in Singapore so as to enjoy more years of free cycling 🙂

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