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requiescant in pace June 12, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Another two soldiers have left this world for another.

And i wonder why? Why hasn’t anything come from MINDEF? Are these soldiers fated to fade away in anonymity? Whenever this happens (and sadly it’s happening more often,) you only see ‘pronounced dead at x.xx am/pm.’ Where is the coroner’s report? I mean, MINDEF doesn’t even have to explain it in the newspapers. And keeping zip-lip doesn’t help, because it just gives the impression that such things will be swept under the rug. What to do, it’s happened. Let’s move on. A tragedy for you, but life must go on.

In some way, this is true. But the impression being given is wrong. The impression being given is one of a system which couldn’t care more, a system where deaths must, statistically at least, occur, and where the bereaved and the public, who are very active members of the armed forces, don’t receive any information about Just What the Hell Happened.

Of course, it may not be SO in the objective sense. But public emotion is moved very importantly by impression as well. The powers that be in Singapore, it seems, tend to believe that just because things are SO, thus they are right. But is any information filtering down to John Smith? Does John Smith know that the government, or the armed forces, or whatever actually CARES? The impression is that they don’t care at all, because nothing substantial has been done to prove anything to us.

A symbolic move, or making the coroner’s reports readable in the archives, or per request, would mean a lot as to these deaths in MINDEF. There is no obligation to put it on the front page of the States’ Times. It’s a small step for MINDEF, but a large step in PR.

But, two more have walked towards the light.

requiescant in pace.



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