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Little Boy Beggar “Talks…” May 17, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay, take a look at this.

While our author may not be able to get any answers to her questions, and yes, a smoking kid beggar IS a sad thing to see in what we pride ourselves as First-World-Singapore, what i have a bone to pick with is the video itself.  That boy, beggar and smoker as he is, is still a person, not some scientific curiosity which just stepped out of a spaceship and demanded to be taken to our leaders! But she was ostensibly amazed that there was a child beggar who (gasp!) SMOKES! What’s there to be amazed about? I would find it very sad indeed.

And even worse, interviewing the boy, asking questions about where he comes from, where his parents are, and stuff like that.  It’s pretty obvious he’s not going to talk, and he didn’t talk that much, did he?  And was any action taken after taking that video? Or did the taker happily go home and show it to her sister who blogged in horror? Truly, what’s amazing here is that nothing was done.

And here come the standard questions. Why? Why do the parents do that? How could they? But isn’t that the reality of meritocratic Singapore? Perhaps we should be asking why wasn’t anything done? How did our author manage to infer that his father was working? And she ends off with a rhetorical question: are his parents really that poor that they need the boy to go out and beg?

Then, our author draws parallels with the older generation, which have neither the education, nor the strength to endure hard labour.  But this is a young boy. I’ll bet that he doesn’t have much education, and he can’t endure hard labour as well. In fact, in Singapore, even education is not going to get you that far. Just look at the number of people with a tertiary-level education which are forced to drive taxis,  And what’s more, does that mean that we should pity the boy more than we should pity the old, when the boy still has A future and the old maybe not?

As for the future of Singapore…

Well, dear readers, can you see this happening to Singapore soon? With our policies regarding overseas employment and foreign talent, won’t the already-worsening employment situation be exacerbated?  It’s sad, but it’s a problem which affects each and every one of us. And some Singaporeans do feel that such cases are scientific curiosities!  I think i’m sorry, MM, but complacency is an aspect of Singaporean culture which has been indoctrinated into us since we begin school, and which permeates every level of society, from the top to the bottom.  Is this shocking?  It’s happening!



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