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Stomp STOMP. April 7, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Take a look at this!

So this is what not being complacent is about…it is good to see that some STOMPER is all about following up on MM’s message about not being complacent! After all, if we don’t care, there may be soldiers drawing rifles and running all around Singapore. Then jialat. Confirm cannot catch all of them…what’s more they have rifles, not like Mas Selamat, who had nothing.

At the same time, it’s a nice way of smearing the online community for being nothing more than places where Singaporeans sabotage each other and get each other into trouble. Yes, even those who are out hunting for our escaped friend! Also, it’s a nice way of portraying how some people who post messages to STOMP have no brains, thus, following the slippery slope logic of many, most Internet bloggers have no brains/are incapable of common sense and thus they are unreliable! The State’s Times is the only Bible we can rely on! What’s more, your friendster picture could come up on STOMP and then you’re royally fucked…then how?

I mean, come on. I’m sure you can draw your SAR 21 and go out. I mean, if you’re mentally unstable and want to show your rifle to the pleasures of civvy life (how’s a date at Cineleisure?), that is…i’m also pretty sure that if the STOMPer was right, then SAF posters should be like, banned, because they all have rifles and are all in camouflage! What’s more, they’re at the airport! Here’s a taste for y’all…

STOMP this! Pah. What a numbskull.



1. jj - April 11, 2008

pls, STOMP is dominated by 90% sec sch kids who likes to snap pictures with their sony ericsson handphones (which otherwise, have no real useful function)…

visiting STOMP is like taking a taxi ride in singapore, where u hear all sorts of nonsense. haha.

during my time in ocs, 3 out of 5 taxi drivers claim they went thru ocs during some time in their younger days. hahaha

2. guojun - April 12, 2008

hahaha…so that’s where singapore’s leadership is…

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