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National Education: On Complacency April 5, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So in the aftermath of Mas Selamat’s Great Escape, the blood the online community has been baying for has not been spilled. Nor has there been any assumption of responsibility. Instead, as we are all used to in sunny Singapore, the blame for his escape has been converted into yet another National Education lesson.

I disagree with theonlinecitizen’s point that the blame has been shifted. Indeed, at a point of time where finger-pointing would have been most rampant, the major politicians of our country have decided to clam up in the face of all the flak. By doing so, the government refrained from placing the blame on anyone in particular, namely, the DPM, Can’t Sing. I mean, sure, probably his ears have been pulled by MM already. But there is no public admission of guilt, no assumption of responsibility which our government has been attempting time and time again to inculcate in Singaporeans.

Instead of having someone assume responsibility, the government has managed to make a National Education lesson out of it. And what better person to dish out wisdom than the country’s founding father, MM Lee? Singapore is not infallible, he says on the March 7 edition of the States Times. Thus, it’s a lesson for all of us to work hard because we’re not infallible! Yes, let’s all stop being complacent!

Hmm. But then again, Can’t Sing hasn’t been punished. Perhaps he’s not infallible as well, so give him another chance lor. Must make sure to twist his ears this time. Or cut his bonus. But the fact that there is no punishment reflects one thing: The Government will have to eat its words soon.

And then, MM Lee strikes again by creating blame. He says that Singapore grew complacent because we’ve grown used to success. And then, he goes on to say that Singaporeans who believe that nothing can go wrong in Singapore are living in a World of Make-Believe! Well…let’s see. the States Times is always trying to paint such a picture, anyway. I mean, if MM Lee wants Singaporeans not to be complacent by showing them that Singapore is not infallible, how about telling us that the GIC investments have gone up in smoke?

More importantly, the blame wasn’t shifted. It was created and placed on us. So now we’re complacent for complaining. So we shouldn’t complain and be dependent on the government when things go wrong, but we should depend on them, our Infallible Leaders, when it comes to the elections? Poor us. We should stop whining and get out of their elite, uncaring faces, because they don’t care at all. They only care when their votes are on the line.

And out of all this, we’re supposed to make a National Education lesson out of it?! Do not be complacent, work hard, and quit whining, so it goes. It’s our fault, not that Mas Selamat escaped, but it’s our fault for giving a damn! You know why? Because the government is not taking responsibility, therefore WE HAVE TO!



1. wildboar - April 5, 2008

we can punish can’t sing using the ballot box

2. joe - April 6, 2008

But we are not paid multiple million dollars to think about how to secure people in a ultra secret facility. We are not there to hold MSK’s hands when he went to the toilet. We are responsible. This event happened in a micro level, it happened not because of the whole of Singapore was involved. The guards may not even be Singaporeans, they could be gurkas. So, we are blamed? This is utterly disgusting to suggest that we are blamed for something like this.

The old man is trying to blur everything out and keep the focus away from the man in question and the government on the whole. Let’s him to say this in the international platform.

And now, we have a say on ISA and its ISD. Are we involved in ISA at all? Mr Lee is sounding more illogical as the days go by. Did he have his medicine yet?

3. joe - April 6, 2008


We are not there to hold MSK’s hands when he went to the toilet. We are not responsible.

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5. guojun - April 6, 2008

i think we are responsible in their eyes because they can’t blame anyone else. Of course we’re not de facto responsible, but we’re the scapegoats again…

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7. Enlightened Citizen - April 7, 2008

Looks like the old man cannot think straight any more.
One moment he said Singapore is not infallible. Next
moment he said that no country can guarantee 100%
security 100% of the time (admitting there can be lapses)
and next moment he said that the govt is not to blame.
He is actually contradicting himself.

Perhaps he is getting senile. This incident – the most
cock-up of the century – the Great Escape of a Terrorist
Regional Chief in broad daylight from the highest security detention centre, under the nose of the super-duper ISD,
must have hit him so hard that he simply cannot take it
any more.

Moreover, it is his own son at the helm and it is his own
nephew-in-law who is in-charge of home security and
the ISD.

May be he will die of a stroke or heart-attack soon. So
let us have some pity for him. Let us not get too overly
worked up.

Let us also have some pity on ourselves. Let us wake up to
the fact that we have been lulled into living in a
make-believe world. Little Red Dot is no more a paradise.
It is just a make-believe world.

We should know what to do next. We need to CHANGE.

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