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Politicians Biting People – A States’ Times Letter March 17, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Dear Editor,

I read lately that some SDP politicians kena arrested again during a protest for consumer rights. Wah lao eh, they also got rights mah…but then again, SDP always like to do this kind of bang balls thing. Not that we don’t support them…they sometimes kind of thing we see liao also wish we got the lum par to do. Too bad lah. Anyway, more importantly i saw in the States Times that Chee Siok Chin bit a policewoman!

Unbelievable sia! But then i don’t think she want to bite one lah. Probably is kena possessed by some Spirit of Righteousness. So hor, i think next time SDP got this kind of thing again, police should be smarter. Wah lao eh, kena bitten also must say…police damn not rambo enough. So nua how to have confidence? But never mind. Nua is okay…must use brains.

I think next time police should bring one of those temple mediums. You know those 乩童 u go and see when u need advice from tua peh gong…yah that type. Maybe they can help to exorcise the SDP protesters so they won’t bite people anymore. You know kena possessed sibei jia lat one. So of course must help to reform the evil spirits so they don’t bite. Must tell them ‘tolong, here is Singapore, you also not above the law one. Our Great Leader soon will go down and sue you for defamation you know?’ Maybe the spirit will tio stun and run away…cos down there got inflation also. The fambly members here burn money until pok kai then can pay the defamation lawsuit i tell you.

In fact, i have know a very good tang ki…you can try the one at the tua peh gong temple in Geylang there. He only charges ministerial $alarie$…lately his area also tio upgrading, so bo pian lah. Call him lei! +65-EXORCISM. He say you pay enough next elections confirm PAP will get strong mandate! Got tua peh gong protect…still need wad?

A Concerned Citizen



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