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面子 March 7, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Today the ‘A’ Level results were released.  And my students are not pleased.  Honestly, i was surprised, because i believed most of them to do better, excepting a certain few who i shall not name.

Either way, what i want to write about is the ‘face’ problem.  A student of mine who was at HCJC feels horribly guilty now because her teacher came up to her and said ‘our school expected you to get an A for German.’ And she feels guilty.  I told her that that particular teacher could fuck off and if he had a problem, he could come lick my ass.

Why? That’s also a reason why i left TCHS (another very compelling reason was German at NJC.)  Why, oh why, would i leave a ‘premium instutute’ for one which was populated by the plebians, the elite amongst you would ask.  The reason is very simple:  I do not want to be a slave for anyone’s glory.  The pride and glory a particular school has as a ‘premium instutition’ makes it focus on nothing more but attaining more pride and more glory.

Which is, in my high opinion, extremely fucked up.

It’s only by chance that in Singapore, good results = glory, more students, and definitely more money for the Board of Directors to embezzle development of the students in an ‘all-rounded’ manner.  But what is all-rounded?  All-rounded is leadership, having an elite education (means in essence that you can cram) and a good Co-Curricular Activity record, which means that you’ll have no problems getting into a good university in the future.  At the same time, ‘all-rounded’ is an adjective used to wow the masses into sending their children into a school as such.

So no, students, you DO NOT owe a responsibility to your school.  You are only responsible to YOURSELF.  If you’re satisfied, then so be it – everyone else can kiss your ass.  If you’re not, then you have to answer to yourself and yourself only, and the other deus ex machina forces (like other students spoiling the market, etc.)  But these are out of your hands.  If you’re unhappy, pick yourself up and learn from it – there is nothing to be guilty about by failing your alma mater, if only because you’ve made them lose face.

A school’s first responsibility is to its students, not to its glory.  But with glory being pegged to the teachers’ year-end bonuses, i can see why.



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