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Propaganda? February 24, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Alright folks, first, read this.  Then, read this.  What’s the difference?

I think the States Times are slowly becoming the moniker we’ve given them since eternity, namely, The States’ Times.  So today was the last day of the Aerospace show 2008.  And today a particular MediaCorp artiste, with our favourite President graced the event!  And even though the people ‘braved sweltering heat, snaking queues and slow traffic to be part of the inaugural show,’ upon seeing the Black Knights, ‘the earlier inconveniences had been forgotten.’

As my younger brother likes to say: O, really??

I wonder where the judgement criteria come from, judging that the Aerospace Show garnered so much displeasure from the online community.  But then again, we’re not even considered press, so what the hell.  Incidentally, the statistics put forward do try to convince us that the event was a great success – ‘$18.9 billion worth of deals sewn up,’ i read, and also>

More than 30,000 trade visitors and over 90,000 aviation buffs passed through the turnstiles, said the show’s organisers, Singapore Airshow and Events.

Wow. Okay, the poor masses.  Oh well, least they noted that there were some problems.  But don’t the quotations above seem like an attempt to cover up something which was mishandled? Oh well, maybe i’ll tell the folks next time to wrap their fish with the Straits Times – it’s fishy enough anyway.



1. imwgt - February 25, 2008


2. guojun - February 25, 2008


3. rotota - February 26, 2008

30,000 – can believe as the data as the trade people need to register to enter the Airshow.

90,000 – well, this got to think a bit. Is the figure from the tickets sold or the physical number of people on site? There is a mention that some people did not pay anything as the crowd control personnel DID NOT check the ticket holders properly. Or the numbers are plucked from the air?

When more and more people blog about the ACTUAL experiences at the Airshow, this piece of sh*t called STATES TIMES will need to change their ranking again. With one negative comment, you can brush it aside. When you have 100 negative responses, the STATES TIMES will look really stupid.

4. guojun - February 26, 2008

not really, you know. As long as the 100 comments are on the ‘disreputable’ internet community which has ‘NO SEMBLANCE OF OBJECTIVITY’ – haha i love the irony – but yeah you get the drift

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