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Tales of Mr. Tan VII – Better-Than-Thou January 28, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan, in the fallout of the cancellation of the Complain Choir concerts, noted a Better-Than-Thou syndrome amongst the Singaporean authorities. When asked what he meant, he said: ‘i’ll make it very clear to you. Why do our politicians see it as their God-given right to set themselves above the average folk? Why do our politicians see themselves as above other politicians?’

Further explaining, Mr. Tan said: ‘You can start by looking at the Speak Good English campaign. If you will read the most recent English as it is broken column on The Sunday Times, you will note that the programme has undoubtedly stratified the population into a class of atas Standard English speakers and the uneducated Singlish speakers, even if that is not the case in Singapore. And don’t forget all the elitism scandals in 2006, or a MDA spokesperson insulting mrbrown’s family by digging up a wealth of information on him after his column.’

‘With regards to politics, have you noticed that our Government has no qualms talking about the politics of other countries (like our MM, who went to China telling them how to run their country) or how they like to portray Singapore as an ideal state (who once said that a benevolent despotism was the ideal state structure?) by using first-world, European countries and saying how corrupted they were? Also, don’t forget the repeated prosecution of a certain opposition politician, even if he may be wrong or silly in his dealings, and the repeated intimidating challenges to opposition political candidates during the elections. How about ‘fixing the opposition’? I tell you, if it is one thing our Government has which is bigger than every other country’s, it’s ego. They must always be right.’

And when asked if he feared that these statements would draw flak, Mr. Tan scoffed: ‘And what right have THEY to correct me? I am right, you know!’



1. engtat - February 8, 2008

hey bro!

xin nian kuai le from north carolina!

life’s great here and i’m going over to Duke tomorrow (to puke at them, obviously – since UNC and Duke has been rivals since godknowswhen).

But yeah, i’ll see you really soon when you’re back!

2. guojun - February 11, 2008

You mean, 2009?? hahaha

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[…] you can see where Uncle Tharman is coming from here again. Once again, it’s the ‘We’re Right, You’re Not‘ syndrome which Mr. Tan has talked about not so long ago (scroll down or use the link.) Is it […]

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