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Tales of Mr. Tan VI – The Complain Choir January 27, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan read recently that the Complain Choir has cancelled all their performances due to governmental pressure and would be giving only private invite-only performances with the entire full choir. The performance was cancelled due to demands of the government to remove all foreigners, because they don’t have a hand in local politics, so to speak.

To which, Mr. Tan mused: It’s not as if Singaporeans have the time to go and watch them, anyway. Everyone is too busy with their everyday lives to go and spend an hour or two listening to the Complain Choir perform about the idiosyncrasies of Singaporean life. The Government needs to preserve its oh-so-precious ego to let them perform something like this, which must be an affront to the obedient flock of sheep they have been so used to. After all, children can’t complain about their parents, who have gradually become less and less responsible for the children but who still feel that the children owe them a huge living, anyway.

Continuing, Mr. Tan noted that the Singaporean authorities have always done this anyway, first approving a performance or display and letting rehearsals go on, before cancelling them last-minute. And the usual culprits are always the police, or the MDA to prevent ‘seditious views, non-conforming ideologies’ and the like. And no, Foreigners Are Not Welcome. Mr. Tan mused if foreigners were only welcome if they brought with them talent in terms of economic advancement, not such talents like in the liberal arts or having a political opinion.

‘What Renaissance can we talk about when we do not have a culture to talk about? What Renaissance can we have when the very elements of our Renaissance, political freedom and a time where people dared to speak up pre-Independence, can we talk about when these very elements were taken away by those who used them to gain power? Singaporeans are responsible for allowing doublethink to control their lives, Singaporeans are responsible for the culture of fear they live in. But it is understandable. No one wants to put their jobs on the line, and those who do are laughed at for being fools. Idealism is ridiculed and pragmatism rules. So is the tyranny of money – you see it when the same party gets voted in time and time again for posting economic gains which don’t filter down to the average Joe.’

‘After all, it is rarely about the truth – it is about what people want to see. Control that, and you control everything. The Government, thus, fears foreigners who have an opinion to express – because they have become so complacent in believing that the average Singaporean will not dare to raise a hand against the country who has spent time and money nurturing them. Which father would expect his children to set themselves against him?’



1. Alan Wong - January 28, 2008

Complaints also cannot, praise can. It’s a real disgrace!

I am really beginning to wonder whether our leaders are really that “World Class” that they claim they are. I would have thought that these type of thing only happen in communist China.

Can our PM in future please don’t make any promise to open up the society if you are incapable of keeping such a promise. And after the damage has been done, can our MM please refrain from saying “I think it is ridiculous for them to do so.” We are tired of all your lies.

When can our leaders ever grow up ?

2. guojun - January 28, 2008

Perhaps *conspiracy* the aim is NEVER for them to grow up and to expose only a select few to ‘growing up’…Plato said so in The Republic. In either case, it will be fearful when society has become so homogenous that they don’t even have to defend themselves anymore.

And pertaining to what the PM says…like i mentioned, it’s about what the people WANT to see, not what it really is like. People WANT to see opening up, so open up lor. If you notice, none of this is in the States Times…

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