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Tales of Mr. Tan V – The American Election January 14, 2008

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Mr. Tan read that most of the Singaporean youth are mostly apathetic towards the elections in America, which could have far-reaching repercussions for the world economy, especially that of Singapore. With that, he mused:

‘Perhaps the youth do not care and are apathetic, but they have been conditioned in an environment not to care about politics. For most, politics is nothing more than something abstract – an election which will be won by the same party time and time again every 5 years, despite policies which do not always satisfy. While American politics may seem very distant and while this may be a valid reason, the bigger reason lies at home. When the youth are not sensitised to politics and are discouraged from developing their own political views (which would be allowed in any democracy,) how can you expect them to want to inform themselves about something which they do not know about and cannot know about?’

When Mr. Tan was reminded that students should inform themselves about American politics because of its potential socio-economic significance for the world and for Singapore, Mr. Tan replied drily: ‘You can’t expect them to inform themselves over this without exposing them to information which will allow them to form their own political views. What’s more, I do not believe it is right to overload the youth by expecting them to inform themselves over everything in the world and sacrifice their youth in the meantime. Leave it to the leaders and the potential leaders in RJC or wherever to do it (*) for whatever purposes they may have.’

NB: (*) The author may be accused of a crutch mentality and of irresponsibility using this sentence. However, it has been chosen with full intention. The author would like to express that this is a viewpoint held by most Singaporeans, that the politicians will determine what is best for them, after all. As for the future leaders in our elite educational instutitions, what do they mainly do it for? For better results in GP and their examinations. As long as they remain disinterested (i.e., having a purely academic view of the issue), they are not going to see the full impact of the elections anyway, and because of politics becoming taboo in Singapore, they will also not be able to understand the full impact of any election – remember, elections are just 5-yearly formalities in Singapore used by the Government to judge its popularity (since it wins again and again.)



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