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Tales of Mr. Tan III – Inflation. November 7, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan, forced to stash his money away in a Central Provident Fund account with low guaranteed returns, was worried when he read about inflation rates.  He mused, ‘what will become of our returns when we finally see them? The government uses our money to invest in other countries and make themselves richer every elections, while we are forced to work into our greying years to prove that we are still ‘useful’ to society. Guaranteed returns only mean that we are guaranteed a particular sum, which may not mean anything in the future at all.’

A friend noted his concerns and asked what he would do, to which Mr. Tan replied drily, ‘what else CAN we do? Without the PAP and without opposition to government policies, our country has achieved this level of efficiency – Singapore is like a machine. I am still going to vote for them next elections, because this party is what made Singapore what she is, and i am not ready for the insecurity of another party in power. Haven’t you heard of LKY’s doomsday predictions if the PAP falls out of power? I trust that the PAP will know when it is time to change accordingly with the times.’



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