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Tales of Mr. Tan I – Myanmar October 19, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan noted the situation in Myanmar, especially the reactions of the people to the actions of the military junta, with respect, some distaste and a lot of interest. He said, ‘The situation in Myanmar is interesting, because it shows what the people can achieve if they want to. Unlike my fellow Singaporeans, the situation in Myanmar deserves studying.’ Respectfully, he noted the brave actions of the Buddhist monks as the conscience of the country, and expressed much anger at the military government’s attempts at violent suppression.

When Mr. Tan was asked how he would judge the reaction of the Singaporean government as the head of ASEAN, Mr. Tan noted distastefully, ‘the government could definitely do more! I wish the government would issue trade embargoes on Myanmar and force the Myanmar government to change and become more democratic.’ When asked, then, if Singapore should be a pure democracy, Mr. Tan scoffed, ‘who needs democracy? Democracy means riots and civil disorder. They can have it in Myanmar.’



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