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Tales of Mr. Tan II – On Conservativity. October 28, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Mr. Tan.
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Mr. Tan, the thinker, observed the usage of the word ‘conservative’ in today’s Singapore. After thinking about it, he noted that certain individuals in society were using being conservative as a reason not to repeal particular laws, especially those pertaining to homosexuality. Mr. Tan noted that these people who were brandishing conservativeness as a banner were politically prominent people, and thus he said: ‘they can’t define what being conservative means. Defining conservativeness means losing a large group of people who don’t know if they are conservative or not. Using the word in such a broad unclear context fulfills the purpose of reaching as many people as possible.’

When asked if Mr. Tan was a conservative, Mr. Tan said, ‘perhaps. I’m waiting for a definition before i know if i am.’

Empty. October 24, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.
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I know it’s pathetic, and i know it’s not good for me.

But why do i still feel so empty and lonely when i see you? Abgesehen davon, dass du mir sehr gefehlt hast.

Your smile reminded me of better days, days when i hoped for a bright, beautiful future.

With you. I thought you were the one.

Du bist die Erste, die ich zum zweiten Mal gefragt habe. Die Erste, der ich hinterherlief.

It’s been a long two days, and now i am back in my shitty cold lonely apartment, with no one to talk to, and wishing someone, just someone, was here.

I’ve tried hard to get over you. But maybe i’m just beginning. Ich schwieg nicht um nichts.

But you’re not supposed to know that.

Breathe. Tomorrow beckons.

Tales of Mr. Tan I – Myanmar October 19, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Mr. Tan.
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Mr. Tan noted the situation in Myanmar, especially the reactions of the people to the actions of the military junta, with respect, some distaste and a lot of interest. He said, ‘The situation in Myanmar is interesting, because it shows what the people can achieve if they want to. Unlike my fellow Singaporeans, the situation in Myanmar deserves studying.’ Respectfully, he noted the brave actions of the Buddhist monks as the conscience of the country, and expressed much anger at the military government’s attempts at violent suppression.

When Mr. Tan was asked how he would judge the reaction of the Singaporean government as the head of ASEAN, Mr. Tan noted distastefully, ‘the government could definitely do more! I wish the government would issue trade embargoes on Myanmar and force the Myanmar government to change and become more democratic.’ When asked, then, if Singapore should be a pure democracy, Mr. Tan scoffed, ‘who needs democracy? Democracy means riots and civil disorder. They can have it in Myanmar.’

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag! October 15, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.
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Okay, not really. I’ve just moved my Kill ’em all – let God sort ’em out bag over to Germany.

So i’m in Trier again. For another 1.5 years. I just got back from uni where they are having the Ersti-Beratung for the newbies. Wasn’t it just yesterday that i was an ersti? So much has happened in the past year. And this year is going to be no different. A new Wintersemester, a new academic year – more importantly, a new beginning.

Everyone in the UK is showing off his/her new pad, a new house, with their friends – new furniture, new tables, new new new. Everything’s new. In Trier, everything hasn’t changed. Well, the pathway from B-Gebäude to the Bibliothek has been taken down for renovations of sorts. But apart from that, nothing much has changed. Everyone’s the same old friendly people – i sat at the philo booth just now and talked with some of the philos…they really believe i was captured and taken away to the Army because of my haircut…heh! It’s strange because i haven’t ever talked with the Germanisten, its always the philos and my closer friends, Pascal and Alex and sometimes Anna (although i don’t know if we’re still close friends.)

The uni is not so quiet anymore. It feels as though semester has already begun, only that the halls are full of erstis wondering Where The Hell They Are, and such. I haven’t seen any of my friends so far, although Alex did call to ask if i was going to Stammtisch tomorrow. Well…i should shouldn’t i? I mean, when semester reopens i’ll be off before 1am anyway, because i have a psychology lecture at noon. So i can’t afford to dick around too much. What’s more, i do like Stammtisch, as long as it’s not too awkward. Insiders will know the story, so if you don’t, don’t bother probing.

My room is as it always was. It’s quiet, peaceful and serene – in Trier, nothing seems to change. It’s unlike Singapore, when change is an aspect of life. You can go away for a few months and when you come back, there’s another construction site, another place with roadworks, more upgrading, etc.

Why can’t things NOT change for once?

Or maybe i’m just seeing the things in Trier like i want to see them, not as they truly are.

何谓民主? October 1, 2007

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最近缅甸的紧张局面,僧侣大胆的抗议军方政府的政策,以及军人政府对此的反应,真是令感触良多。佛教僧侣被逮捕,军人警察在街上对示威者拳打脚踢, 已在近日的仰光不再罕见。这就是民主吗?僧侣和数以千计的人民上街抗议政府,就是民主吗?缅甸人生活潦倒,军人政府的成员却能享受荣华富贵,不仅令生为外 人的我发指,令身在当中的缅甸人更是忍无可忍。缅甸人的大型示威,也许就是所谓民主的一种表达吧。

但是,这种民主,能为人民带来多少? 若只能带给人民无数的痛苦,那么这种民主究竟是为了什么?我国人是否是身在福中不知富?新加坡国泰平安,人人能安分守己。既然如此,我国国人能从缅甸局面 吸取些什么吗?从表面上来看,应该是缅甸从新加坡的例子学习吧。但是,人们也能用这次的示威活动自我检讨一下。新加坡民主吗?

今天的《联合 早报》刊登了一篇关于新加坡没有政党轮替的文章,里面写着台湾人对于新加坡没有政党轮替的现象之看法。新加坡在各个发展领域名列前茅,台湾则落后了不少。 此现象是否是所谓民主的错?台湾又是怎样的民主?在国会打架,个个声称是人民的代表,争的却是政治权利,国家进步也因此缓慢了不少。这就是所谓的民主 吗?

那新加坡呢?本人认为,新加坡是能民主,问题在于人民不想要民主。人民的种种不满,随处都听得到。但是,如果新加坡人想要的是真正的改 善,那为什么没有任何此不满的表达?大家期盼着政府能了解路人甲的痛楚,在咖啡店批评政府政策,自己却不敢表达出来,这种指桑骂槐,又是谁的错? 是因为新加坡人不要自主,是因为我们的胆怯和懒惰,才让政府控制全局。新加坡政府没有沦落到缅甸的军人政府,仍为人民着想,我们也应该谢天谢地了。新加坡 的不民主,不能单单归咎于政府,人民也须自我检讨。