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JJ, Part III July 11, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Once upon a time, in the Army, my upperstudy, JJ, decided that it was fun to remind the unit that someone (a 2WO, actually) enjoyed playing golf during office hours. Well, not really, but it just so happened that he sent a friendly email expousing the wonders of golf in the afternoon during office hours to the entire unit.

Not too long after that, when i was stressed up packing for BATTLEKING ’05, i sent an angry mail to everyone in the unit as well. For a period of time, i was known as JJ, Version 2.0.

And it seems that NOW, there is JJ, part III! Ähm…it’s not very convenient for me to discuss this, but this story should help:

Dear Diary,

I have a story to tell. I work in a subsidary of my father’s big company. Actually I only working there for a while to show that I am treated like everyone of his employees. This is so that I can take over my dad’s position when I come back from my further studies, look nicer mah hor? I am going overseas for my studies this month.

There is this colleague of mine who shares a similiar job scope with me, but he damn jialat… He sign a contract with my dad’s company but holds a part time job outside his working hours. Then in the end, he everytime pang seh me and disappear during working hours. In the end, I have to clear a lot of work for him instead.

However, I cannot complain, at least while I am not in service of my dad’s company. Now that I am gonna go overseas for studies, time to take action. I sent letters to tell all my uncles (aka my dad’s ka kia), my supervisor and my colleagues that this colleague of mine had been bullying me. Finally sexposed him le, I hope he die jia lat jia lat. Juz heard that he might get his contracted terminated. ^_^

P.S. Damn, radio playing my dad’s favourite Black Eyed Peas song again, buay sian meh…

Impressive right? Even our good ol’ CDF is in on it. Like that ah, a lot of people in this company would have gotten their contracts terminated liao loh…Apparently, the higher up the social ladder one is, the more his head becomes stuck in the clouds…heh. JJ I and JJ II only happened in the confines of my unit. I actually wonder what would happen if i complained about my ex-CO to CDF…skip the chain of command mah. I mean, if a lowly 2LT can do it, why can’t we? ho say liao!


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