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Walking Away. July 4, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I just told her that i was walking away, because to her now, i am effectively transparent. Apparently what she said about Aufgeschlossenheit wasn’t all that true anyway. And it hurts to say that you’re walking away, especially when you started the night with a spark of hope, only to have it quashed into nothingness.

So goodbye, you. You will know when i am fine again, probably the day when i run into you and introduce myself again. Probably i will disappear out of your life, or i will turn into glass – sad, huh?

Why? Where did i go wrong, that i had to lose you even as a friend? Is ‘Hi’ and ‘Tschüß’ all you can say? You take a picture of me and show it around, but you won’t let me see it one more time. Accusations. They’re useless anyway. Goodbye. Maybe you will let me in some time in the future. Maybe never ever.

I regret not getting more wasted.



1. sb - July 5, 2007

cheer up! klausuren! einkaufen! (:

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