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Why I Walk the Streets June 24, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

First and foremost, listen to The City Lights by Umbrellas.

Why do i walk the streets every Tuesday night, while Trier sleeps? Why do i walk the long, long road home? Why do people walk at all, when they could have bidden all adieu and left while the buses still run?

Why do i walk? I walk because i’ve been thinking. Thinking about someone who i can’t get out of my head. Thinking about what i am getting into again. Thinking because i will never go be able to go to sleep, after spending an evening with that someone. Even if we don’t really say much. Even if there probably isn’t anything to talk about. I just walk on, iPod in my ears. Walking and walking, while the city sleeps and all is silent.

If you see me at midnight
Walking the streets
You’ll know it was me for I cannot sleep
I’ve pushed away the dreams
And spoiled the quiet
I’m propelled by fear
And not the righteous…

I don’t know what i really think of when i walk. When i think of that someone, my thoughts go out of order, and is that not a good reason to walk? For sleep does not come to one who thinks, whose dreams are painted too many colours, a play with too many characters, a broth with too many cooks – who would want such dreams? And so i walk on, probably wishing that someone was here, but knowing that she’s not. Maybe i have something to tell her, but normally i don’t know what i can say.

Once, i walked this someone home and we passed through a deserted, pitch-black passageway, her own secret garden. And she pointed out some Glühwurmchen, pulsating in the dark – and perhaps the question she wanted to ask, but which she left in silence, was – have you been in a place like this?

So have you been to a place like this?
To see your breath as it paints against the sky
The fever is near
I wish you were here

It was dark and romantic – an odd combination, no? But that was what it was. And we just walked on. And on, and on. I wish she was here to walk with me, but more often than not, i walk alone, just being alone, singing the songs which i’ve heard a million times, wishing that somehow somewhere there was an imaginary audience, giving applause no matter how off-key it was.

It is said that singing for no one is a sign of madness, and singing to the Moon is courting danger. The wonders of modern technology.

And when i do think, i think ambitious – i used to think about what i wanted for my future, but these days i think more of that particular someone, wondering if she’s sitting at home, whispering to no one that she’s all alone. But all these belong to the world of dreams and illusions – further from reality than the Sun is the Moon. She has a kind word for everyone, but will she have one for me?

Think Ambitious.

I’m thinking ambitious
I’ve got this feeling things will be alright
So go break a leg night
Been given the green light
So go entertain them
They’re waiting for you
They’re waiting for you

And when i return to my doorstep, i feel that everything is going to be just fine. Why do you walk the streets at midnight?



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