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Rügen! May 29, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Pictures are not available yet. I’ll upload them once i’ve like…slutted them off enough people.

So! I spent the weekend in Rügen, which is actually an island, so it would be more accurate to say Binz, this beach resort place just am Ostsee. For me, it was a big eye-opener (like meeting all the students in Germany, especially the Aachener and Raymond, the guy who gets an orgasm from reading math) the people who are on immersion now, and also, more importantly, knowing who you CAN and who you CANNOT talk to. More on that later.

Another amazing thing about this getaway was the Amazing Race-type of travelling. In a space of 4 days, i’ve spend 1,5 days in a train…that says a whole lot, huh? I mean, nothing to complain, but feeling like you just faced off with a tank or Godzilla for that matter isn’t exactly the best feeling thereafter (and if you factor in the Weizen-Cola raymond and i were guzzling in Leipzig…you get the drift ja.) Looking back, i DO amaze myself. And to think i’ve read 250 pages of text in between (which is a phenomenal amount for me) i’d say the Zug rides ARE pretty damn productive – wouldn’t you? Thankfully i didn’t have to rush from Gleis to Gleis…THAT would have killed me.

Incidentally, i’ll also say this here: Thank God for iPods.

The Rügen programme was, well…HAMPERED by the less-than-perfect weather…when i first arrived, it actually was quite sunny, but after that it all turned grey and cold and windy and rainy…not the perfect weather for a beach! Not as if one could do anything it but bitch. Oh, well. It was however interesting to see how people react to seasickness…y’know, i actually expected to be pretty damn seasick! But it didn’t happen. Must’ve been the Kümmerling…i mean, we had people puking their guts up and stuff yo.

And just yesterday, i made my way to Dresden, where the new chief of SSAG, die Kurfürstin Samantha von Sachsen (or so raymond wants to call her) let me have a…15-minute tour through Dresden. I mean, it’s not a tour so i’ll call it a teaser. I’ll still be going to Dresden one day…and Leipzig too because i agreed to shave with someone and get tattooed together…ugh. So, yes, i’ve seen some but i’m not satisfied! I AM COMING BACK!

More interesting however was the human aspect…for one, i was really surprised how well i managed to mix in with the others who are in Aachen and well…in every other Bundesland excluding Bayern. I don’t know why so don’t ask – maybe it’s got to do with the way no one here understands Bairisch. Heh. Ahh, well. That’s life…ain’t never gonna know who you meet on the road. I’m not going to accuse or point fingers because well i don’t want to provoke anything and i do think we’re better together than apart, innit?

So now i’m back in Trier. Just a little Reisebericht for you guys aikes. And oh! oh!! Me, raymond and dilpreet intend to open a shit-stirring column at SSAG…akan datang!

Liebe Grüße…



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