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Genitals? Balls to you! May 14, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So i was reading our nation-building press when i came across this letter which was so absurd that i don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Either way, here it is. Actually, i’m just quite amused.

We have here a perfect example of an angry man championing the cause of ‘decency’ and who would rather have no culture at all, as long as we can stay decent. A part-by-part breakdown for you…

What is wrong with this 50-year-old man who is not only self-absorbed but also oblivious to the rights of the majority who want to be protected from gross indecency in the media?

He should know that in any civilised society, the private anatomy of the human body must be respected and that it deserves proper covering.

Maybe this man is self-absorbed. But he is NOT oblivious to the rights of the majority. Who are you to talk for the rights of the majority who are just CRYING OUT to be protected from gross indecency in the media? Haven’t you heard of ART? Obviously, this person here has never been into an arts museum which have sculptures of naked men and women made by famous sculptors? He’s implying that these sculptors are actually perverted twisted individuals. (This is cause for a defamation lawsuit…yes you can use the tools of the strong to aid your own ends!)

Secondly, in any civilised society, yes, we have to cover up our privates. But what’s wrong if it’s for Art? Take note that these are NOT pictures of nude men and women – they are sculptures. So are nude drawing classes dens of uncivilisation which deserve to be eradicated? Apparently, our man here thinks so.

Conversely, he should also be aware that in a backward and morally regressive society, humans would cast off all restraints and roam naked in the open.

They are given to a debased mind and would regard what is shameful to be their glory in public.

Wait a second. ‘Backward’ and ‘morally regressive’? I think the Americans wouldn’t like that very much…and uncle Lee just praised Uncle Bush to stay in Iraq! But seriously. How good are our values really? Have you ever paid some thought to that? We are ‘backward’ and ‘morally regressive’ too because we simply refuse to move on and accept that there are changes in the World. We are clinging on to ‘Asian Values’ and dismissing everything else as being ‘backward’ and ‘morally regressive’ when the people who are backward and morally regressive are ourselves. Morals give us a certain code of social conduct, BUT they do change. What we are doing in Singapore is morally regressive in that we are just hanging on to our previous morals. And what’s more, it’s art. ART. It’s not a picture of people having sex in a taxi!

Don’t forget, last time it was morally correct to drown your wife if she cheated on you.

‘Humans would cast off all restraints and roam naked in the open.’ If i’m not wrong, Adam and Eve were roaming around without any clothes too in the Garden of Eden. Granted, they were thrown out in the end, but…so is he implying that the Garden of Eden was a backward and morally regressive place? Tsk tsk…

The reason why our country today is enjoying much peace and abundance is that the people accept and apply good moral standards.

We support laws that govern and underpin righteous behaviour and public decency. We are blessed with a Government that did not waiver and yield to licentious demands of the minority.

If we, as a people, are unable to uphold good moral laws, including the Penal Code, then we will surely lose our next generation to perversion. This is not what we would want to see happening to our country in the near future.

Another great piece of nation-building writing! Well, if we are supporting laws which govern and underpin righteous behaviour and public decency, i’d like to know why we are supporting some people paying themselves more peanuts, which is seen by many to be selfish and obscene. Blessed with a Government which does not yield to the ‘licentious demands of the minority’? Well…the poor and underpriviledged are a minority, you know. And i know that asking for more money or WELFARE (oops) is licentious. But is this a blessing, really? I don’t know.

And wait! It gets better!

Losing our next generation to perversion, for example. What perversion? You mean, perversion from looking at naked sculptures? In an Art gallery? That’s very unusual. It’s a very good example of a logical fallacy known as The Slippery Slope. And this slippery slope isn’t even fully developed. It goes like this: younger generation sees a picture of a naked sculture in newspaper. (*implied 2nd step: picture causes perversion in younger generation.) Younger generation is lost to perversion, which can cause blindness, uncontrolled fornication, carnal relationship with minors, and teenage pregnancy.

Do you think, perhaps, that this picture can cause perversion?

Oh dear, i’ve just posted porn. Please arrest me. If not, our younger generation will be lost to perversion and we’ll all die!



1. cookie - May 15, 2007

Hahaha…this 50-yr-old man would have suffered serious heart attack or even die from one if he lived during the times of those famous sculptors….

Seriously, I would think people of that time should be more conservative than people in our time now, see how their clothes cover up so much of themselves as opposed to now women showing half their boobs in the streets & offices…

2. guojun - May 15, 2007

yah…seriously i do think they were more conservative…no wonder it was accepted as art mah. The guy who wrote to the ST probably saw too many half-boobs walking along orchard road so he got very angry…

3. michaelk - May 15, 2007


I noticed the similarities between this post and Mr Wang’s. This sculpture must be very frightening to the writer of that letter.. 😛

Morality is always subject to change, and conservative groups never stop trying to stop that change.

The irony is that even the conservative groups’ morals change, as you pointed out above (“Don’t forget, last time it was morally correct to drown your wife if she cheated on you.”).

4. Better Than White Uniform. - May 15, 2007

Don’t act like a bloody prude! I’m a 56-year-old foggie and walan, this 50-year-old is giving other over 50’s a bad name!

Art is art!

Then again, to some sex is art!

So is gay a crime?

Argument is same, same.

To each, his/her own!

All that we are saying is “give peace a chance!”

Then again, another overpaid uncle is asking Bush to continue bombing Iraq.


5. saltwetfish - May 15, 2007

Well if you google the writer’s name you will find this…

George Lim Heng Chye wrote in ST 15 July 2003:

“I am a heterosexual man, married to a heterosexual woman and we have four heterosexual children. We believe that the right upbringing by parents will prevent improper and deviant future behaviours.

“We also believe in a God who loves both the heterosexual and the gay, but He hates the sin of immorality.”

Full letter: http://www.yawningbread.org/apdx_2003/imp-107.htm

6. Ned Stark - May 15, 2007

That, saltwet fish is the worst crap i have ever heard. I must be honest and say he is one writer i do not like and people like him not only are a disgrace to Christianity but to Singapore and if the government continues to pander to such whims then Singapore’s quest to be an arts city shall fail.

7. celluloidrealitys - May 15, 2007

A disgrace to all that is decent and inclusive. Such idiots should learn to see the world in its reality.

8. Full Circle « Winter Is Coming - May 15, 2007

[…] as stated by my learned friend Guojun, is complete bollocks. But our dear friend’s crusade did not start there. In fact saltwetfish […]

9. The Truth - May 15, 2007

all right, all right. Let’s all chill. This person is a bigot, but as he claims that gays need help, we should help him too.

Anyone for the States’ Times?

10. pastor prince - May 16, 2007

Remember gays give me 10% u enter heaven, no 10% no heaven. Hell only got! So remember 10% and a bit for petrol for my BMW lah!

Praise the lord lah!

11. guojun - May 16, 2007

ah? ya…petrol prices going up sia…

12. a very small animal - May 16, 2007

A bit??

Is the gold-plating not enuff??!

13. Ned Stark - May 24, 2007

Anyway Rome and Greek were Ancient Civilizations which left us with many philosohpies, a system of government and so on so forth. And yet nudity was not frowned upon and homsexuality was not criminalised. So George Lim should go and read his history before spewing such sanctimonious crap.

14. Clarence - June 7, 2007

“Oh dear, i’ve just posted porn. Please arrest me. If not, our younger generation will be lost to perversion and we’ll all die!”


*starts breathing quickly, hyperventilates, and then dies, frothing at the mouth*


15. Penalise those who write ridiculous letters « Winter Is Coming - February 5, 2008

[…] declare my stand up front, i have never liked this particular writer especially after he wrote such letters)i shall attempt in my own way to show why his letter is utter […]

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