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I am Singaporean XXVII – The Question of Survival May 9, 2007

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

Normally i think that Gopalan Nair only writes hate mail. Here’s another piece for you

There’s only one thing to refute here in this post. Singapore’s population is going up. Going to be 6 million by 2025, of which maybe 50% will be foreign talents. Happy loh! Also, the way he writes is like he’s painting a picture of the Apocalypse in Singapore already. It’s one-sided negativity, and nor does he go into further details on 1) why we hate our Gahmen and want to migrate, 2) and all the bad news.

But, seriously, it makes me wonder if Singapore can survive. Can we, really? As a Singaporean, i am doubtful. Too long have we been weak and lazy (see Chapter XXVI.) Although we still have a brand name which will still sell to a certain extent, people talk in terms of money. Singapore too…remember all the ‘outsourcing’ and local workers being told they should thank their lucky stars they still have a job, so just accept the pay cut and the leave restrictions already? In this sense, i believe that Singapore will soon become a victim of its own success. We can only diversify so far, and without any variance and deviation from the norms (don’t forget, what’s right in Singapore is what the PAP says is right) we’re hanging on to the words of very few people who don’t necessarily see things with our eyes.

Why do Singaporeans dislike the Gahmen? Of course the States Times’ whitewash (also known as the HOME section) states that we actually do love our politicians and our mini$ters very very much. Aww. I’m like BURSTING with love for these people who sweat their guts out and have many superhuman abilities (for example, raising their own $alarie$…) so the words they tell us, like being prepared to work til we drop dead one day, should be the accepted with fanfare, carnivals and fireworks! But, seriously. It’s very simple: the Gahmen never keeps in touch with the people. Sure there are people out there who are willing to serve for a smaller pay packet. But once they voice their thoughts and concerns, the PAP says: we challenge you to challenge us during the next GE. Or, they get absorbed into the party, get paid lots of money and promptly forget the ideals they held on to.

So, the people promptly get forgotten. The Gahmen sees what’s most viable to keep Singapore Inc. running, forgetting that they’re running a COUNTRY, not a fucking company. Never are the people consulted because they’re not mature enough to know what it is like to run a country – i agree that the people are immature, but by cutting this chance off how will they ever know how to contribute to their country and mature as a people? Tax raises are conducted to help the poor – fat load of good it will do – and in the meantime, let’s give ourselves a raise too, shall we? After all, they deserve a pat on the back…while everyone else who suffers a pay cut does so because it’s their fault.

Is this the right way to run a country?

In terms of the people, i am also losing faith in the Singaporean people. Day in, day out, they live from day-to-day, following blindly the instructions, never railing against the boss or saying anything even if it’s downright wrong. Wait kena pay cut then you know. And it is this weakness, and this laziness, the layman’s preference to live in whatever life he has instead of trying to improve it, the hypocrisy of ‘opposition is good, but not in my ward’, the voting not according to conscience but by fear – this is why i have lost faith in the Singaporean people. LKY’s prophecy is a self-fulfilling one because he has made the PAP and the current style of government a kind of cocaine, a drug which is administered to children since they are 6 years old. We’re all addicted to it, you and i. Without the PAP, most Singaporeans would not see a way Singapore could survive. So we let them raise their pay, let them raise our taxes – surely you need money to feed a drug habit, don’t you?

The politicians will say but we have a unique Singaporean identity to fall back on and that we are all Singaporeans. The Singaporean identity however is but a chimaera. What identity are you talking about, when you try to exterminate Singlish, a creole tongue of english? (compare this with yiddish: it became the language of millions of Jews in eastern Europe who came over from Germany, a language which was their culture AND identity.) What identity can you talk about, when the message from the state is clear: work until you die, and we want your money, but not your problems? No one is going to fight for Singapore as an institute. We fight because it is our homes. We fight for our loved ones, our friends and family. If anyone does fight at all. Singaporean identity? NEH!

And with Minilee saying that the ever-unpopular Iraq War should be upheld by the USA, which is a geopolitical bad idea IMHO, without any discussion, i wonder how long Singapore can survive. We are a people of automatons, led by a man driven by money – America is a huge market but in supporting Bush personally, i think that Minilee was trying to coddle some support. Once again, the thoughts of the American people don’t matter. The thoughts of Europe don’t matter. What matters is him, the money, and the investing in Singapore Inc. I believe many of us don’t support the war. But we’ll never get to express it now because our Prime Mini$ter just announced that we think the war’s a really groovy idea! Yet another example of differences in thought here. And if we offend the EU, we may suffer a lot of loss in terms of trade and economic investment – you think we can run on money from the US? Then we can be the 51st State of the USA already.

Singapore surviving? You mean, Singapore Inc. will survive. Singapore is dying. Slowly…slowly…



1. scb - May 10, 2007

First THEN THAT IS WHEN THE CITIZENS MAYBE ABANDON TO RUN THEIR OWN LIVES! It will be something similar to American Forces leaving Irag and Afganistan!

2. Gary - May 11, 2007

The only way to beat them is to live and think like a FT, how to cream the most out of this place, move yr assets out and prepare to scoot at the slightest trouble. I know it is very unpatriotic but i have come to accept reality, to have my dose of correct medicine. I only decided on this course of action after having a family n decided i do not want to sell their children’s souls to the devil.

3. guojun - May 11, 2007

yup…that’s the way. I tend to see it like this too. I admit i’m not very patriotic doing this or even by posting this entry but i think that since we have no identity to fall back on, it’s best to go to a place where i can find some identity.

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5. David - June 4, 2007

Even Gopalan Nair knows more than us Singaporean. Singaporean should eat more shit to realize how oppressive Singa is.

To hell with us !

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