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Appalling – And Then Some! May 5, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Earlier on in ‘Appalling’ i told you about the case of this woman who now faces working conditions which are…barely human. MoM replied, saying that they could lodge a complaint if they wished and that they would protect the identity of the complaining parties.

But the person in question refused to do so.

The reasons given are very valid – and it is because of this kind of work attitude and the permanent fear of the boss (well you should fear him but not to the point of giving him free reign over your life) that makes power abuse so so widespread in Singapore. From the public to the private sector. It’s everywhere.

Meritocracy is, strangely, not directly to blame. It’s the bad side of Asian-style working that is. Bosses here expect a certain amount of respect, but being pressed by their bosses and so on to produce good work results, they are forced to impinge more and more on the lives of their workers. And workers, like the good ol’ Asian value system, don’t go about biting the hand that feeds them, even if that very hand does nothing but take flesh from the workers and feed it back to them.

So who are we selling our souls to now?



1. Ned Stark - May 9, 2007

Its the proverbial chicken and egg. In so far as we are concerned we have to fight for ourselves, unfortunately the system has conditioned ourselves in such a way that we do not want to fight. Sailing against the wind is a risk proposition.

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