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Appalling. May 3, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was surfing mrbrown when i came across this excerpt: the original text may be found here.

My mom is working at the Tuas South Incineration Plant as a cleaner under the contract of a private cleaning company. The company pays her S$700 a month for a 5-days work week. The pay is not high, but at least reasonable. Now, the cleaning contract has ended for this cleaning company and the contract has been given to another new cleaning company. And so my mom’s new boss had a meet-the-people session to tell the cleaners his rules:

1. The pay is reduced to S$500
2. Now it has to be a 5.5 days working week
3. There will be a cut in manpower as there should not be more than 3 people working at an area, regardless how large the area space
4. No annual leave and sick leave for the first year

WHAT THE FUCK?! Exploiting the old and uneducated, think that they won’t dare to say anything right? The new boss, whoever he is, is going to have a long time suffering in Hell. I hope he likes it. This time can work until die already. So old still no sick leave…keep working lor. Die also nevermind…tio boh?! TIO BOH?! KNNB!

As for the rest of us, don’t just look at it and shake your head and say ‘nothing we can do.’ YOU CAN DO SOMETHING! Copy this and put it on your blog! Let the world see what those above 60 are having for work conditions. Don’t forget, Gahmen wants us to work until we die. And if you are one of those elites who say ‘life’s like that, it’ll kick you in the balls,’ then go fuck a dog do whatever it takes to knock yourself out.



1. cookie - May 15, 2007

I believe no one has posted here because most of them had read it in Mr Brown’s website & commented there.

Agree that we should do something. Posting on other blogsites would allow more people to read about it but still not necessary any action could be taken. If reported to MOM, they would simply ask the “victim” to lodge a complaint & then maybe respond only when she has worked till near death without sick leave.

It’s sad isn’t it? Some people are starting to simmer & coming to boil with rage & realise how bad things & the gahmen has become. But then, it has been getting from bad to worse for a long time. Guess it’s the recent unhappiness with GST Hikes & the OBSCENE PAY HIKE that things are surfacing more quickly.

Sad. If only we are able to band together & do something….Even our neighbours (Malaysians) can band together & make enough noise that their gahment take notice when they are unhappy.

We are really pathetic…so perhaps the only way is to leave this forsaken place when we have the chance

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