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I am Singapore XXV – Double Vision April 30, 2007

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

So i read in the States Times that Minister for Education, (also familiarly known to us as Uncle Tharman), mentioned that Singaporeans have to embrace lifelong learning, for example, have more people pursuing postgraduate studies. Namely, we should follow the examples of Finland and Switzerland who have postgraduate statistics of between 170 to 240 per million. Here’s a taste for you…

Mr Tharman touched on another key ingredient for success – more Singaporeans should be doing postgraduate studies. Last year, there were 520 Singaporeans doing PhD studies, or 115 people per million, he said. This was much lower than the 170 to 240 per million in countries like Finland, Sweden and Switzerland, he said.

Wait a second. Finland and Switzerland?? I thought not too long ago, Old Grand Master Lee said that they were really mediocre countries and if our political system was like theirs, we’d all be swimming in the South China Sea now, with our wives, girlfriends, and sisters as maids! I quote our nation-building press:

If this economy ever falters, that’s the end of Singapore and its First World Status […] has compared Singapore as if it were Denmark, Finland or Switzerland. […] their systems and government have a broader base and can afford a mediocre government. (ST, April 10, 2007)

See, that’s what the Old Grand Master said! So basically, we should be following the example set by a mediocre nation. Won’t that make our people more mediocre? More mediocre than they already are because they are always complaining? Oh, no. Uncle Tharman, i think there must be a mistake here.

Seriously, however, this deserves to be put into perspective. I think there’s a link with more education and reduced autocracy, no matter how benevolent. I shall deal with that another day. Now, i’m so confused. So lost. Who do we follow? Who’s mediocre? I know Singapore is like, HOW GODLIKE and we should really rule the world…but i’m really confused.

I mean, if these countries are really so mediocre, how come they have so many people doing postgraduate studies that we should follow them? I think it implies that maybe they are so mediocre that their degrees are worthless…must do postgraduate studies to actually let them have value. How insulting! Considering that these countries have a much richer history and a much richer background in terms of education compared to our little red dot.

Also, it makes me concerned because these mediocre politicians are educated by those very same education systems which Uncle Tharman just lauded. Won’t that mean that we’ll become mediocre people too and have mediocre political leaders and all our sisters and wives will end up as maids?? In that case, i better hurry up and go buy my life jacket. South China Sea can be quite deep one you know.

This is bad. I’m getting double vision from seeing ‘mediocre’ signs all over the place. Switzerland and Finland are mediocre countries. Singaporeans are mediocre because we should have more educated people. Who’s mediocre?? You? Me? I really wished that either our Gahmen tell us 1 story, or they don’t tell us anymore stories. Give us the truth. But would our Grand Master say, ‘you can’t handle the truth!’??

I’m so confused and lost. I think i’ll stop for now.



1. Dr.Huang - May 1, 2007

Old man is becoming a loose cannon, shooting his mouth all over the place.
I think even the people inside MIW do not agree with the old man but just “ballless” to ask him to shut up!

2. guojun - May 1, 2007

Hi, Dr. Huang,

Haha…you mean allowing an old man his inconsistencies? Haha…of course no one dares to tell him to shut up la! Kena lawsuit then you know man. Haha…

3. Ziyang - May 1, 2007

this is a OMGOMGOMG-this-is-so-funny-entry. LOL

4. The Truth - May 1, 2007

hahahaha…so confusing man. hahahaha!

5. HaoJun - May 2, 2007

heyy GuoJun, read the words carefully lahh.. MM just said that they CAN afford a mediocre govt.. he didn’t say that they are lor… In the end of the day, we in Singapore still have ALOT to learn from them, especially wrt Education..

6. guojun - May 2, 2007

I think the implicit meaning of it is that they ARE mediocre. Still, it’s a matter of interpretation. Your interpretation is different but it’s all right…

I do think that by even saying that they can AFFORD a mediocre govt implies that the govt they currently have is mediocre. there are 2 meanings:

1. The government is already mediocre, but they have systems so they can afford to have it.
2. They have enough systems that if they get a mediocre govt, it’s fine.

I subscribe to the 1st, you subscribe to the 2nd. haha.

7. passerby - May 6, 2007

I choose to give that man a break. I don’t think many people bothers about his rantings and rhetoric. Mostly just brush it aside as baseless accusations and crap. He’s old already, nicht ganz dicht. His good pal Mahathir does it all the time, so he probably wants to join the game.

At least for me, he has earned his crapping rights. Sometimes it’s quite entertaining to listen to the rubbish coming out from the old man’s mouth. I take it with a pinch of salt. Apart from his loyal ‘elite’ troopers(you know who I’m talking about), I don’t think peasants like me bother much about him. We should turn our attention to the younger Lee since he’s the more dangerous guy right now. Before you know it, he might just clear our national reserves in the name of having a corruption free gahment. heehee

Really, I think Singapore is ready to move on without MMLee. Better do so now before his all knowing wisdom becomes more a liability than anything else.

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