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I am Singaporean XXI – The Green-Eyed Peasant. March 29, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So someone on YoungPAP has asked us if we’re being green-eyed monsters regarding the astronomical pay raise. It makes me wonder if it’s just a simple knee-jerk reaction. What he’s saying is basically what our political masters have been telling us peasants:

Being a politician is a specialised profession. Therefore, since you can’t understand how politics (especially in the local microcosm) functions, and because you will necessarily fail if you try to go it alone, so pay us and let us do it. We’re the professionals. We’re worth every dollar. You peasants are only grousing because you are jealous, green-eyed monsters.

Yeah, we’re so envious of how much our politicians get. I’m so envious that my complexion is green now.

Even common sense would tell you that it’s absurd! It’s disturbing, for me, just for one reason – are our politicians really doing it out of passion or out of the salary? God, how do such articles even make it to youngPAP? Are they THAT desperate that they will accept any article from any random Tom, Dick or Harry off the streets?

So us peasants are green-eyed and jealous. I’m sure we all are. But to think that we are unhappy just because we are jealous – that’s elitist, no, make that very elitist, very better-than-thou, and it shows how out-of-touch the king is with his peasants. Or, at least, this particular servant of the Royal Court.

HELLO, we can think, and we are unhappy for reasons much better than your simple claim of jealousy. If appreciating that your clients are saying so just because they’re jealous, then please go right ahead and let them represent themselves. You CAN quit the Bar…make yourself a better person by not letting others get jealous over you loh. But no, you still want to earn their money. You don’t really care about their moral stand, as long as the moolah keeps coming in.

Maybe our lords don’t really care about us peasants too. They’re just interested in making our moolah work for them. And, thus, all the name-calling. They’re not even willing to engage us peasants.



1. "Earth to YPAP: Is there life out there?" « Coffee and Cigarettes. - March 29, 2007

[…] than others, just because. In any case, for a clearer idea of what I am trying to say, see also Guojun’s post in response to the post in question – “I am a green eyed peasant”. I hope this clears up the picture for you […]

2. twasher - March 30, 2007

Perhaps they teach this particular insult to all the top civil servants. A certain prominent civil servant has recently been bounding about the blogosphere calling bloggers “green-eyed” amphibians.

3. Ned Stark - March 30, 2007

But i dun think YPAP are considered top civil servants. They are just making use of the “aura” of Mr Lee Kuan Yew to lord it over others.

4. The Truth - March 30, 2007

yes…we’re all green-eyed amphibians! Maybe we can create a performance of Singapore’s Croaking Amphibian Choir soon…akan datang at the Esplanade! hahahaha…

5. clement - April 5, 2007

u lawyer still considered peasant meh?

6. guojun - April 6, 2007

i’m not a lawyer.

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