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It’s All Going Down. March 16, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

It’s all going down. I really, really don’t know what i want with my life. I’m really unhappy. Singapore never felt so cold. She’s not there. My Hausarbeit is staring at me. So is the mountain of books on my table. Maybe i should watch Top Gun. Again. I want a cup of hot teh. No, no conspiracy theories. I drove home after a gin and tonic and a whiskey dry. I don’t want to think. There’s so much work to do. Sometimes i admire the MOE folks in London. They have so many friends. I come back more like a German than a Singaporean. Is that why? Why? I don’t know. Don’t guess. I drove a manual car today to a gas station. She was resplendent. I’m just so tired.

So, so tired.



1. kandy - March 19, 2007

boo! aye.. seems like you’re not doing too well huh? i can empathize with your situation partially and i guess sometimes the solution is to keep moving on and looking forward? it’s hard to deal with the emptiness but you’ve just got to find things to occupy your mind to prevent yourself from thinking too much, really. i shall give you a suggestion then. why dont you plan for a party when we’re all back in summer? that’ll be perfect:) i promise to be there! and you shouldnt admire us you know. after all, the grass is always greener on the other side. there might be many of us here but it doesnt mean we’re always hanging out and stuff.. i can understand your lonliness and i assure you, i feel that way too. just that i’m having it easier because there’s always one of them to turn to when i need someone. lonliness is difficult to deal with and i might be on the way onto your boat. haiz:( i wish i could just be totally emotionally independent.

2. guojun - March 19, 2007

hello, you…

there are many ways to go about doing it…but most of them are uncomfy. haha…anyway you mean an alcohol party aye. haha. we’ll see la yah…=) even if it’s not gonna happen i’ll still see you this summer!

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