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Blind Men Seeing ‘The Truth’ March 2, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

This is the Truth speaking.

I noticed from Aaron’s blog that there has been a debate about Why (not) be gay? And there is a certain whybegay posting that gays will be the downfall of society, yadda, yadda. YES! We should support the PAP government whole-heartedly, believe everything they feed us, and make whybegay a public hero. Then yawningbread can be arrested under the ISD, and we can have a healthy Singapore, wholesome and saccharine, with boys holding girls’ hands.

What’s missing is just a field of sunflowers and a TV camera.

Whybegay, in my opinion, is just another blind man attempting to spread the Truth. I can’t say whose truth it is, but i have a sneaky suspicion that it’s his own. I bet he’s got a home-written copy of his Bible, his Penal Code, and everything as well. It’s pretty amusing, because all he does is condemn gays, say that the Penal Code will destroy them, yadda, yadda. And he calls everyone else non-existant, immaterial phantoms whose words carry no weight and are but a passing breath.

It sounds like a particular political party in Singapore! Maybe WBG is a SPY. After all, these people also don’t listen to us what.

Coming back to topic, let’s see how his argument develops. I am basing my analysis on the comments on 2 of Aaron’s entries: Why not be gay? and why be gay?

So it starts off with ill-substantiated arguments (proof, proof.) riddled with logical fallacies. Let’s see. So, if homosexual molest in buses are problematic, then heterosexual molest isn’t? Like that all the cheekopeks who grab the ass of some girl in the bus should be let off too…it’s not just about the sexual divide, it’s more about privacy, although i think WBG doesn’t acknowledge that such a thing exists. Oh wait! There’s more! Public decency laws, he claims, are flouted time and time again by homosexuals. I think public decency laws are flouted more by heterosexuals, thank you very much. I wonder where he gets all his figures. Maybe he has a random number generator of sorts.

After all, in subsequent posts, he told Aaron (a journalism student, fer Gawd’s sakes) to write an essay and how to write it…someone doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, obviously, and the total lack of acknowledgement of privacy is here. If his blog isn’t about witch-hunting, then he’s probably carrying out the Inquisition on Aaron’s and Kitana’s blogs. Of course, cannot hunt witches at home lah. Problematic lei. Best to hunt in other countries.

Next, his determination of homosexuality as a psychological problem to be solved. So we should cart yawningbread off to the IMH, because he is gay and an advocate of gay rights. I think outright homophobia is the psychological problem to be solved here, because it blinds the person to reason and causes him to propagate his truth. It’s interesting how his comments seem to be a monologue, considering how he does not react to any points given by Aaron (which is a characteristic of a dialogue) but seems to reiterate and reiterate his own points. This is a person blinded to others, living a world of make-believe where he is God.

If you, dear reader, will read WBG’s blog, you will notice on his January 16th entry that he was ‘terrorised’ by a ‘Human Rights Terrorist,’ the poor maggot. WAIT! He talks about HUMAN RIGHTS! Don’t gays have human rights too? Because they are still HUMAN…WBG treats them as sub-human, inhuman maybe – the thing which should catch your attention is the fear he writes about. THAT is a psychological problem which needs rectifying.

So much for Part I. In Part II of the little war, he actually tells us to encourage the PAP and build a nation! Hello, BUILDING a nation includes making society inclusive – which means you WILL have to live with gays. Build what nation? As for the PAP, that’s another story, but that’s another beautiful own goal in terms of logical cohesion. WBG then goes on to proclaim himself above the APA, meaning that he should be an authority in the field of psychology already – which sadly he isn’t. He then proceeds to accuse Aaron and Kitana of having ‘seditious content’ on their blogs and all. So, the main theme was lost, degenerated into simple finger-pointing and name-calling. Mostly on WBG’s side, when he challenged them to voice out criticism on p65.

Hello, NO ONE reads p65. I suppose only people like WBG, who have 5 to 6 anti-gay locks, chastity traps, and even mind scans guarding the main door to his home at night, do, to retain that safe, fuzzy feeling that no gay is going to break into his house and try to give him a Dirty Sanchez. If we have something to say, why can’t we say it on our own blogs? Not as if criticism is taken seriously at p65 – if you post there got increased risk of Defamation Lawsuit some more. And in the process, WBG showed how blind he was to the world around him, while trying to propagate his gospel.

WBG, come and comment. Even better, don’t comment here. Why don’t you comment on yawningbread’s blog? Don’t dare because he speaks to well so you only dare to strike at students ah? Tsk, tsk…pick on someone your own size, and smarten up…because when you picked on someone you perceived you could beat, you still got your ass kicked (read: arguments taken apart) anyway.



1. justme - March 23, 2007

So why hasn’t someone reported WBG to the police for inciting anti-gay feelings on the net? IMO this is no different than the teen blogger who was prosecuted for his anti-Malay thoughts. Sedition anyone?

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