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Dystopia CNY February 19, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Okay, so there’s nothing to be happy about.

I thought that finishing all my Klausuren would give me a chance to take a breather from all the mad studying (ever since i came back from London, i’ve been spending every Friday and Saturday there – yes i am a closet mugger. So shoot me.)

But as the semester came to a close, i noticed one thing…there are so many people i’m not going to see again. Close friends and not-so-close friends, people who i don’t even know, and people i should have gotten to know better.

And you will read this unbelievingly and say ‘but it’s Chinese New Year! Come on! Cheer up! It’s your new year!’ Well, go away. I’m not in the mood to celebrate or throw fluffy stuff around or go for reunion dinners (come to think of it i ate myself – reunion was clubbing thereafter…yeah until 5 am and i think i puked my guts out. No, seriously…but it was one hell of a night.)

Petrisberg is so quiet. It’s eerie.

I was reading how everyone else was writing their blog entries in Chinese, wishing everyone 新年快乐。。。恭喜发财。。。no inclination to go and spread the good cheer man. Sorry, haojun, franzi, and lot, but i was feeling rather crabby when i wished y’all happy new year. I think i am secretly jealous. Yes, jealous!

Why? Guys cannot be jealous ah?

At least some other people have someone to be with for CNY, and here i am, mashing away at my keyboard (i just finished my philosophy notes), wishing i had a beer when i don’t.



1. passerby - February 21, 2007

Just curious, are you studying at University of Trier?

2. guojun - February 22, 2007

yes. Wie hast du das Blog denn erfahren?

3. Siu - February 23, 2007

mayber passerby is a spy for PAP. Tracking the activities of spore bloggers overseas. See if the hands of justice can reach germany if need be.

4. neo - February 25, 2007

hahaha… aniwae u can mash at your keyboard if you need to talk man

5. guojun - February 25, 2007

maybe…i don’t think the hands of justice can reach germany, but i CAN be threatened with a defamation lawsuit if u get what i mean

6. Siu - February 25, 2007

there’s no safe haven for people opposing LKY. You can hide but you cannot run. LKY will chase you to the end of the world and bankrupt you. He is King of King. I think if he likes he can sue George Bush to bankruptcy too.

7. guojun - February 25, 2007

haha…you sure are anti-him aren’t you? give the man some credit la. It’s the 2nd generation that perhaps is more problematic…plus his fragile ego la tt is

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