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I am Singaporean XVII – The Playground. February 6, 2007

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

NB: I first saw the word ‘playground’ regarding the PAP spy operation on intelligent singaporean. All names are purely fictional. Have fun!

Once upon a time, there was a playground. It was a pretty normal playground, those playgrounds you can almost everywhere, with senior citizens doing tai chi in the morning, people jogging, and kids playing on swings. Of course, this playground, until some time ago, was used exclusively by the citizens. Going to the playground was not so much an outing for the children who belonged to the richer families, because they were indoctrinated from the start that the playground was not a nice place to be, because they could fall down and scratch themselves. And after all, who wanted to hang out with the ordinary people, when they had things to do like rule over their action figures and expensive dolls?

In the playground, there was freedom. Everyone knew everyone else, and it was okay for a little boy to play with a little girl and build sandcastles and play on the swings. Everyone was happy, and one day, they saw a rich kid walk past the playground, looking at them with distaste in his eyes.

‘Eh! Play with us la!’

The rich kid looked at them, all covered in sand, sweat, but smiling and happy, and snorted at them. ‘i have more important things to do, like rule my little country at home. You all will never know what it is to be like me.’ And he walked off, leaving the children at the playground staring at his receding figure.

This incident, of course, caused the playground to be closed off to the rich kids. All the children at the playground were very unhappy and were talking about how to keep the rich kids off the playground because they were so nasty. One of the children remarked that if they ever let the rich kids into the playground, they would become little more than the citizens of the rich kids’ country. They said many unkind things about the rich kids, criticising almost every aspect of their existence, especially their arrogance and their refusal to even talk and mix with them, the children of the playground.

The rich kid knew that this was happening, and, looking around him, he discovered that all his friends were rich kids. He knew that he would have to get to know some ordinary people and not just the social elite, because he had to know what others were saying about him and his friends. Everytime he and his friends met at his exclusive playground (with all sorts of amenities – think gold slides, and all) they sat around, discussing their new methods of ruling their little countries of dolls and action figures. One of them said that she heard daddy discussing taxes and she heard that one can earn more money from tax raises, so she raised the taxes of her doll-house.

Even if she didn’t get any real money, she felt really smart indeed. Her smartness led our rich kid, Lee, to declare that amongst all the rich kids’ little kingdoms, there should be a tax raise, even if he did not know what taxes were.

Of course, the ordinary kids shunned the rich kids’ playground, even if it was open, and Lee despaired of knowing anything new about what the ‘bad’ children were talking about them. So, one day, Lee approached his servant, an exceedingly normal man whose name Lee didn’t even know. He was so non-descript that you could pass him on the street without even registering his presence.

‘Ey! I need your help.’

‘Yes, Master Lee?’

‘I want you to go to the playground frequented by the normal children and find out what they are talking about. If they say nasty things i want you to correct them.’

‘Yes, sir.’

So, one day, while all the children were out at the playground, this unnamed man went to the playground to take a walk. And on this walk, he heard shocking things being said about Young Master Lee. One of the boys, Beng, was declaring loudly that if Lee was allowed onto the playground, it would mean the end of the happy fun days for them all. This non-descipt man approached Beng.

‘You are wrong, child. Lee is actually a very nice person. He wants to control you because he cares for you. Your well-being comes first,’ he said soothingly.

Beng looked at him with a cocked eyelid. ‘Are you one of Lee’s agents?! What is your name?!’

The non-descript man smiled and left mysteriously.

To be Continued….



1. the Stark In Winterfell - February 7, 2007

Hey i collect action figures too…u trying to say i should play on the golden swing?:P

Anyway great story…i think the playground will eventually be demolished for some biopolis but lets just wait and see…

2. The Truth - February 7, 2007

erm…hahaha. that is your choice really…

3. CZ - February 11, 2007

Garment decided to squeeze Singaporeans further by increasing the population of Singapore to 6.5 Million. Why do I smell ratty Lee behind all these.

4. CZ - February 11, 2007

Next time no more space for playground already. Play in Second Life in the virtual world. Our beloved Garment is turning Singapore into a another Hong Kong

5. guojun - February 11, 2007

it’s ‘gahmen’…garment is something u wear…u sure u want to wear them meh?

6. CZ - February 11, 2007

Yes I wanna wear them. Especially the Lee and Lee brand underwear. Heard it’s made good quality material haha.

7. The Truth - February 11, 2007

unglaublich…du spinnst wohl oda? wat können wir mit dir tun…

8. the Stark In Winterfell - February 13, 2007

Where is ur i am singaporean XVIII? Where two rich kids fight it out over what to buy? One wants to buy things which are found internationally while another wants to buy stuff which are unique to Asia.

9. guojun - February 13, 2007

i got exams la dey…dont be so demanding lei…

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