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I am Singaporean XVI – PR = ‘Please Rectify’ February 4, 2007

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

So i read from Mr Wang lately that our Gahmen has been employing a sneaky, quiet ‘counter-insurgency’ against the extremist sinners who blog against them (i.e., online critics.) I quote,

Sources told The Straits Times the initiative is driven by two sub-committees of the PAP’s ‘new media’ committee chaired by Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen.

So now there’s a ‘new media’ committee? Hmm. I wonder if anyone knew of it before hand. So someone decided to play Deep Throat and spill the beans. I wonder if that guy still has a job tomorrow. Anyway, so now Gahmen is engaged in covert operations ah…

Well, okay, they’re not covert anymore.

Personally, i think this references quite well to Chapter XIII of this series, the chapter on Thoughtcrime…so the Gahmen is not treating thoughtcrime as a crime (yet), but they are going the soft way, sending sneaky IT professionals who monitor our blogs and then try to put in ‘corrective statements’ to show us the error of our ways. (for the sake of brevity, i shall name them The Controllers.) So much for challenging people to step out and challenge the Gahmen! Everytime, when someone says something a bit sensitive to our politicians’ oh-so-fragile egos, they will challenge the perpetrator to prove their reasoning in the open ‘where they have nothing to hide’ before dismissing their reasons and then sending them to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

Thanks to the implementation of The Controllers, we now know that the Gahmen is not as open as we thought them to be. In fact, instead of engaging the public in the open ‘where they have nothing to hide,’ they are monitoring our blogs. And when we post something polemical, they will step in and try to moderate. Now, what’s a blogger like me to say?

I think that this is just a first step of thoughtcrime legalisation. First, the Gahmen employs these Controllers to moderate what we say, telling us that this and that is wrong. Then, seeing that this move has caused them to lose even more credibility amongst the online community, they will start implementing restrictions with Penal Code adjustments – after all, we 敬酒不喝喝罚酒…is THIS their battle plan?

Unfortunately, the Gahmen has done yet another brilliant move to destroy their credibility amongst the online community. So i think we can look forward to restrictions soon. Personally, i feel that this kind of intervention is one best avoided – for one, it shows how out-of-touch the politicians are with the majority of their subjects. (Maybe the Space Retreats were true…) I would say that it is an example of extreme nannying – remember when you said something wrong in front of your parents when you were young and you got slapped on the cheek? Maybe it’s not a very good analogy, because slapping hasn’t happened yet (no adjustment to the Penal Code) but it’s something to that effect. By trying to tell us where we are erring – is THAT how they want to encourage a ‘free and open society?’

Isn’t that just forcing their views on us, but in a softer, nicer way which says that ‘oh no, you are terribly mistaken. Let me enlighten you and show you The Absolute Truth…?’ That makes me kinda uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable, actually.

It’s also interesting who’s running the shindig – our Education Minister! Uncle Lui, i know you are ex-RSN…RADM so don’t play-play. Maybe you have served with the Navy for too long…in the Army, military doctrine is to be followed and it is strictly top-down. I am only a LTA…maybe i haven’t seen enough yet loh…but i think outside the SAF things are a little bit different. Top-down management, which the PAP has been running all along, is not going to be as effective as it was, what, 20 years ago?

Maybe he was thrust into the seat – ever heard of the word ‘arrow?’

It reflects an interesting aspect of what the Gahmen regards as PR – PR, as we understand it, refers to Public Relations – dealing with the public and keeping them happy. Perhaps the Gahmen decided that ‘Please Rectify’ would be a better term…so that instead of engaging the public on such issues, they just set their hearts on correcting our poor, misguided souls.

Aiyoh…we sound so pathetic. Need the Hand of God Lee to help us. I hope they recognise in time what kind of damage they have done to their credibility. The next time someone posts a pro-PAP comment/threat (i received a comment which i thought was a bit threatening,) i’ll just dismiss it as PAP propaganda. Why? Because i know that there are people who are monitoring my blog, posting non-obvious propaganda! People are now going to close off what little remained of their willingness to reply their comments which happened to be pro-Government, because everything can be put down to PAP propaganda. I think p65 will have a field day soon when someone starts a p65 conspiracy.

I wonder what’s next?

Maybe they will use subliminal programming when you visit the p65 blog…you know…open one of those pop-up windows which seem harmless, but which cannot be closed…and every 2 seconds there is a .01 second flash of one of our smiling politicians, or the Workers’ Party with a big cross on them, or the famous scene when Lao Lee broke down over the split with Malaya.

I also wonder what Lao Lee thinks about it. At least he was, and still is, feisty enough to defend his rationale in the public eye, where he has nothing to hide…and there is the Gahmen he has spent 41 years nurturing using such covert, espionage-esque tactics to infiltrate the Net.

Am i disappointed? You bet. I thought that there was a chance that something in the direction of a ‘free and open society’ would happen. And now i finally realise that those days are long gone. We left them back in 1965.



1. Robert HO - February 5, 2007

Robert HO

1. This deliberate leak is quite a mystery — if you subscribe to the hypothesis that the PAP are intelligent and ALWAYS does intelligent things. If you are not so enamoured, then there may be no mystery.

2. In other words, it could be as simple as this scenario: LHL asks for solutions. Smart Alect A suggests to use Commenters. LHL says “Good Idea!”. Smart Aleck B says “Better ANONYMOUS Commenters,” and LHL cries “Brilliant Idea!” Then, LHL HIMSELF has a brainwave, not to be outdone by his Alecks, of course. He says, “We’ll LEAK IT TO THE PRESS!” and the whole room shouts “Genius!”

3. And that, sadly, may be exactly what happened. No puzzlement whatsoever, just simple human nature and politics.

Robert HO

2. guojun - February 5, 2007

Heh. Mister Ho, i am quite mystified, because although sometimes they do things which seem totally illogical, they are not stupid people.

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