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Chai or Car? January 22, 2007

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay okay today’s a bumper issue. Won’t happen again.

I was also reading takchek’s site…and he mentioned something which made him quite du lan.

This morning I was overtaken on the Interstate by an Asian babe driving a hot new car (BMW 3-series convertible; the roof was down). This happened despite me already hitting 100 mph.


Hot chicks are supposed to be chauffeured, not to take behind the wheel! And leave us men behind in the dust. I ended up trying to decide between drooling at her or her car.

Takchek, don’t buay song lah. Then again, i don’t know what car he was driving, but it does teach me one thing…want to drive on freeways/autobahns, must have a car which can pio one. Even better if got zhng. Make sure your car is sent to Johnny’s Zhng My Car, install DOHC (Damn On and Hiong Charger), turbocharge, and the exhaust system which can put a head inside. Like that then fierce, can fight with such femme fatales what!

And coming back to drooling…wah lao…drive and drool…since you are sitting down you will have a wet patch on your pants…and people will think you wet yourself…or even worse, had a wet fantasy while driving. Tsk, tsk. If i were you, takchek, i would drive faster so i can drool at her. Drool enough, maybe get distracted enough, can buang her car. Then she will stop her car, and you will stop yours. You get out. Stare at the car and drool. Then you stare at her, and drool. That’s the best situation what! Like this can drool at BOTH objects until the cows come home.

So it’s not a question of Chai or Car. Methinks it’s more a question of how to get Chai and Car…



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