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London! December 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay, okay. I’m in London. Heh. Right now i’m chilling in darius‘ room, where i am bunking in with him. Thank goodness sia… if not must pay rent liao. Then i can eat grass for the next few months in Trier. zzz…

Anyway, Sunday was cold…cold in Trier, that is. What didn’t make things particularly better was the fact that it was 1 degree out and that i had to take the bus 1 hour early from Petrisberg to the Hauptbahnhof…thanks to the Sternbuslinie which runs only once an hour on Sundays. But oh well don’t bitch lah. Thank goodness i could hide in the Hauptbahnhof and drink coffee and stuff.

And yes! I called the girlfriend and got reminded by her mom to cut my hair. zzz. I shall wear a bandanna next time before i take pictures…yeah.

I reached Frankfurt/Hahn 3 hours EARLY again…because the bus from Trier to Hahn runs only once every 3 hours and i didn’t want to like verpassen my check-in time. So yeah. I was 3 hours early for check-in. I spent time reading Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod, trying to do a crossword puzzle (which i failed miserably at) and well yeah bumming around.

Nothing much in between. My big complaint of the day is about LONDON STANSTED AIRPORT. The security was so mofoing tight la! The queues were building and building and a girl concussed and a guy jumped queue and almost got his ass kicked. And i got asked a battery of questions like ‘where are your friends from? where did you get to know your friends? and so on and so forth.’

Eh, i don’t have a turban on my head and Osama Bin Laden on my passport, okay?

Oh well. Paranoia drives the world today. If people weren’t paranoid, the world would probably stop turning and freeze. Yeah.

London is warmer than Trier! HAHAHA i can’t believe elaine says it’s cold all the time. If it’s one thing i like about the United Kingdom, it’s that it’s warmer than Germany. No biting winds. Heh…The city is so huge that i’m not used to it…in fact i doubt i could really survive in a big city like London…Trier is more my cuppa. HAHA. That’s what changes in the environment does to you, i suppose. I’m more of a small-town boy now. HAHA…really lah. I really wonder how i managed to grow up in an urban city like Singapore, until i realised that it’s because i’ve never lived in the CBD. Heh…

Darius and Co. live in the high-class regions…damn lucky right? Yeah, well. Rent also high what. You get what you give, i suppose.

Christmas shopping was this morning. Surprisingly, i didn’t buy a lot of things… hahaha i think kandy was right the last time i asked her about it…it’s way too…übertrieben already lah. Haha…i also don’t know why Singaporeans gush so much about it…i spent 40 quid only…*shrug* but i really do feel that i need some new shirts. HAHAHA…oh well i heard we’re going for round 2 tomorrow.

So, we shall see about that.



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