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Words of Wisdom December 20, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was on the train from Stuttgart to Koblenz, reading The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, when i came across this…

‘A man should be only partially before his time: to be completely at the vanward in aspirations is fatal to fame.’

It describes Clym Yeobright, who strove to bring reform to the rural people of Egdon Heath.

And maybe it describes me. Here i am, preaching freedom of speech, hope, and all for Singapore. But i doubt Singapore is ready.

Heh heh. Sometimes, it’s better to be a nobody. Which i will be, if i decide to stay in Singapore after i’ve done my dues.

Afternote: Another blog got shut down. Threatened with legal action. Anyone knows what the author used to post? Who threatened him? And there’s another reason to stay a nobody.



1. melvin - December 27, 2006

that blog was another blog that made fun of politicians… namely Lee Jr, Uncle Lee and Uncle Goh…. ya…. about how Uncle was angry because Lee Jr didn’t buy him enough mentos.. rather funny… too bad it was shut down.. haiz…

2. guojun - December 27, 2006

really? Sigh…cannot make it here already…like a fucking noose…

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