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I am Singaporean XI – No, White Horses Don’t Exist December 20, 2006

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

I read that someone just commissioned not long ago. I also read in the blogosphere that he is a white horse…

But white horses don’t exist! No…white horses don’t exist. SAF denies expressly the White Horse Phenomenon. Write to MINDEF and get the friendly COL Benedict Lim to state once again that White Horses Do Not Exist. Write in again and you’ll get a defamation lawsuit. Pao chiak one!

It’s just a coincidence that he is posted to Signals, which most of us in OCS regarded as the slackest support arm you could go to. (Okay, so they have a 72 km route march. SO WHAT?) And, it’s just a coincidence that people (sai kang warriors, regular sai kang warriors, and their my-career-is-so-important officers) were bustling about performing home improvement at Stagmont Camp. I mean…upgrading what! SAF regulars vote for PAP…so the camps must get upgrading la…

Really, white horses don’t exist!

Okay, okay. They DO. And sometimes, it’s not because they expect to be treated as such (i heard of a LCP who answered nonchalantly to an officer just because he was some minister’s son. Thank goodness i wasn’t that officer…if not i would have gotten decommissioned. HAHA.) and some of them do go through thick and thin with us.

There was a Minister’s son in my OCS platoon and in my Arty cadet batch. Well, he didn’t get any special treatment. Kena extra also stay in. Kena tekan also do together. And as such, we didn’t have any prejudices against him. We didn’t say ‘wah lan…white horse.’ Deploy also deploy together. He was one of us, not The Minister’s Son.

But then again, a lot of white horsing happens because the officers-in-charge are concerned about their career. I mean, what i read in takchek’s blog made sense. Scared OCT Lee will complain? Then better do properly…it happens more often when the officer in question is MAJ rank and above. For example, my ex-CO. I almost had to evict him from my deployment ground in New Zealand because he was making my blood boil with all his suggestions.

What’s most worrying about this White Horse Phenomenon is that a lot of them come out from the Army with a very skewed view of NS life. I would like to ask 2LT Lee if he earned those bars with sweat and blood. With area cleanings and unreasonable instructors. Or if he was treated like a king all the way through. I know some people expect to be treated like kings (like another Lee who went to TCHS but couldn’t make it because his friends wouldn’t worship him. Fuckass.)

Oh well…what is the use of the question anyway? If he DID earn it, well and good…if he didn’t…then he’ll be the next BG, anyway.

White horse..? What white horse?



1. JJ - December 22, 2006

I pity this OCT Lee… maybe he really wanted to go thru everythin like everyone else.

Or maybe the CO ball shrink?

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