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华语 Un-Cool? No lah… December 14, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

This letter is not going to get published in the States Straits (jeez. gotta get rid of those annoying spelling mistakes) Times.

So lately there’s been a lot of hoo-ha about the youth being rude and generally lacking in social etiquette. Actually…this ‘me-myself-and-fucking-I’ attitude, as my OCS PC put it (he hated me and i hated him) has been, in my view, created by meritocracy. Yes, another thing we can thank our Dear Leaders for.

Anyway, firstly, there is this reader’s letter about Chinese-speaking youths being inconsiderate in trains by blasting their gadgetry at full volume. It irritates the fuck out of me also so i’m not gonna say that they were actually right, yadda. Actually, i think it’s possible to attribute this to us Chinese happening to have the largest share in the population? Any mat or minah who tried to pull this trick in the MRT would be told where he can take his gadget and shove it. The view that these youths, following the ‘if others can do, so i must do also, if not i lugi‘ view is mainly invalid…based on your broadly sweeping view then, every MRT carraige should be a bit like ZoukOut already…because everyone also chiong music what.

And this thing about the ‘boorish Chinese-speaking youths’ is a grossly sweeping statement. I feel like telling the writer that he is just discriminating against his own race. Eh, you need to wake up your idea sia…it is more statistical than our upbringing that you should selectively and subjectively observe this phenomenon. Oh…he is a teenager! NO WONDER…Maybe this letter was written because he can’t speak Chinese well la…and he jeers at those guys who do as cheenapoks/cheenagerks/chink/whatever. Or maybe he’s an ang mor trapped in a Chinese skin. Dey, your discrimination against people who CAN speak passable Chinese is based on the fact that they are:

  1. of your race
  2. speaking a language you cannot speak well
  3. generally more ‘neighbourhood-school type’…not your average RI/AC elitist – therefore lacking in culture and education (i have friends who come from Chinese schools who can kick any RI dude’s ass. Hell, yours truly could kick any dude’s ass in terms of culture and education)

Next, the inconsideration doesn’t just apply to them. Look around and see how many people pretend to be asleep when there is someone needy of a seat on the trains/bus. That’s right, close your eyes so you can shut out the guilt.

Although it’s true that a lot of us are sometimes intolerant to others, it’s not only happening amongst the chinese-speaking youth…the writer is trapped in his own little microcosm and doesn’t see that it happens ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Or maybe it’s selective vision…that makes you minister material…congrats!

I am Chinese-educated. I like to eat bak chor mee, go for late night kopi. I like to chiong and i refer to hot babes as chio bus. I can curse and swear in 5 languages. Got problem with that? On the other hand, i give up my seat, i believe in saying ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ and all. So, it can’t be a problem with our upbringing.

Ever since God-knows-when we’ve been brought up to acknowledge that our results will determine our future in terms of the pay we’ll be bringing home, bla bla. Of course, this is horribly materialistic…but what to do? Gahmen says so, so we do it lor. This leads to us wanting to show off every material asset we have…i’m surprised someone hasn’t brought iPod speakers on the trains to turn one MRT carraige into Retro night. Why issit prominent amongst the Chinese-speaking youth? Well, because, turd, we are amongst the majority and because we can’t show off like how you show off your ‘superior’ command of the English tongue…or how you all manage to go out with the hot RGS girl who won’t go out with us because in her eyes we appear as they do in yours – uncouth, inconsiderate and rude.

Singapore also got 1 problem…no one dares to speak up. I once read that 1st officers on SIA flights tend to be silent because the captain will fuck them upside down if they say something to remind the captain…they take it as a personal insult even if safety is compromised. Similarly, no one fucks anyone on the trains for being inconsiderate. I did once lah and the person (who was older than me) gave me a ‘i’m-so-guilty-but-i’ll-kick-your-ass-if-i-see-you-again’ look. Pisses you off? Then do as the Aussies/Europeans do: give that guy a tongue-lashing la! Don’t dare to? Then shut up!

Perhaps that’s another flaw in our upbringing…we’re conditioned that harmony is the way to go…but if it disturbs you that badly and it’s WRONG then open your mouth and say something lar! TMD ur cb mouth got gold ah…cannot say on the spot but must write to States Times…

I’m damn worried sia…how can States Times publish this kind of article…i know that it’s an English-speaking publication…you want a counter-argument to appear in 联合早报 before you high issit…by making us look boorish and uneducated and spoiling Singapore’s image…doesn’t do you a lot of good also.


Tmd…lim peh si bei tu lan liao…nabei if i was in Singapore i would try to find a way to charge your ass under the Sedition Act man. We talk crap about minority races will HKK…now you come and try to talk shit about us…not seditious ah…creating social unrest sia…and to think you are talking shit about YOUR OWN RACE.




1. hazel - May 19, 2007

erm, hey.
i personally think there’s nothing wrong with chinese educated people. however, i feel that you shouldn’t stereotype and generalise ri people as elitist. not all of them are like that.

2. The Truth - May 19, 2007


i’ve cooled down 5 months ago…heh. cheers!

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