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If You Studied Life Sciences Because You Wanted to Work at Biopolis… December 10, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Then you should read this.

The disclaimer is that although you shouldn’t end up selling drugs to crackpots in Aussie because it’s illegal. And, if you don’t like to feel very uncomfortable with what you’re studying right now, don’t read it.

However, if you are studying it because you love biology, then carry on…it’s always awesome to study something you like studying. (Although it may contain smelly parts like biostats – right, girlfriend?)

Sigh…kena swindled again. How many people are going to keep getting swindled? That’s the effect of politics when it’s used to influence education. Gahmen says Biotech is the Next Big Thing. Rush of students. Overflow in the market. Gahmen says something else is the Next Big Thing. Repeat cycle.



1. takchek - December 11, 2006

And there’s no evidence yet of the life science gamble paying off for Singapore.


2. jj - December 11, 2006

before we declared our major in life sciences, the Dean advised us to switch to chemistry instead. Drugs are in, well, at least they need grads in that area.

for life sciences… hmmm… yeap, they are lookin for tertiary grads – diploma holders. haha.

p.s. ict rocks.

3. guojun - December 12, 2006

hai…i hope students don’t go to MRT stations to kill themselves loh.

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