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I am Singaporean IX – The Men in White December 7, 2006

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

Have you ever heard of the Men in Black phenomena?

The Men in Black is something which UFO witnesses experience. These witnesses normally witness the visitors by people with strange mannerisms, (like trying to drink a Jell-O, walking unsteadily, et cetera) and are said to threaten the witnesses to silence. Somehow, these Men in Black know all about what the UFO witness has seen and they suggest that the witness better shut their mouths before something nasty happens.

There’s no such phenomenon in Singapore, but in Singapore got the Men in White.

They do some similar things to the Men in Black…for example, they are very adept at threatening people who say ‘wrong’ things into silence with defamation lawsuits. It is widely believed that they know who voted for who, which results in the asymmetrical upgrading in some GRCs. They also only show their faces on very special occasions to the population – for example, before, during and after the elections. Many parallels. The differences are that the Men in White can walk properly and are real humans (many suspect that the Men in Black aren’t.)

And these Men in White also happen to be amongst the best paid people in the world. Still, i read not long ago (with growing disgust) that the Gahmen feels that these Men in White are still lagging behind in terms of pay (although their pay packets are pegged to an undisclosed 6 professions.) In other words, despite having so much money which they can’t bring to the Underworld with them (or buy a back-door entrance to Heaven,) they still feel its not enough. Yeah, never mind that there are families who can’t put food on the table – let’s rise above that fact…after all welfare is a vulgarity in Singaporetalk remember.

Yes, you can foresee Old Lee saying at the next TV interview: ‘Read My Lips: No Welfare.’

Anyway, yes, coming back to topic – the astronomical pay of the Men in White. I wonder what they spend a million bucks a year on. Maybe they’re all actually saving up on a Space Holiday…which is like a company retreat, but it’s in space…so that they can draft up more lies reasons to justify the next tax hike, or how to fix the opposition convince the apathetic population that PAP is DA BOMB, or maybe choreographing the P65 hip-hop dance item, or maybe think up of how to properly cook mee siam mai hum.

And well, i wonder what 6 professions their pay packets are benchmarked to. Maybe ‘LKY’s salary in 1965’ for the small fish and ‘LKY’s salary in 2006’ for the biggest fish (like Little Lee.) And the rest are just arbitrary intermediate values so that you can have Men in White saying ‘oh i am a Minister Level 1’ and you’ll know he’s a small fish. Heh.

Let’s not forget why these Men in White are paid such huge amounts so that they can sit in parliament and echo discuss the PM’s policies and to let their elite daughters lambast people in the press. It’s to avoid corruption, so to speak, because in the interests of the public, we cannot have any personal gain in the way. Erm, yeah, sure. Have you ever taken a look from the other side?

In making us pay them more and more without consulting us, it just means that this is perhaps corruption in another form. Their personal loyalty to the party (in which they can discuss and discuss but eventually agree with what is said) is being bought by the huge sums of money they get.

Maybe Uncle Bush came to Singapore to find out how he could wring more money out of the Constitution!

Have we seen much results for all this amounts of moolah we are paying these people? Probably just another statistic, when little Lee announces that ‘Singapore has achieved x% growth in the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th quarter of the year.’ Yeah, yeah. So we got economic growth. But as the economy grows, how much of the money is coming to the people? With economic improvement comes more taxes, fare hikes, blabla.

Do they really think that we will be happy as long as we see improvement? We don’t just want to be shown that things are being done, like covering up our drains when we did perfectly fine without them, or a cosmetic facelift to a private housing estate (i think the people are rich enough to pay for renovations if they want,) like how almost everything is done for show…someone said he wanted to make Singapore an ‘open society’ during elections…and now internet laws on expression are going to be tightened.

Someone needs glasses for bad myopia. Bad, bad myopia.

In the meantime, i ask myself if the Men in White work for our welfare, or if they work for their paychecks. I agree that they should be paid well, but not overpaid. Each of them can do with 500k per annum, or less. I doubt that they will be corrupted because of that. After all, since the laws are so fast to crack down on the population when it comes to corruption, i don’t see why it cannot apply to the Men in White. Since they are so good at using laws to make us behave, why can’t they use laws to regulate themselves?

Are they above the law? Maybe that’s why Lady Justitia holds her scales and the swords, but is blind – it was suggested that she is blinded to ensure that everything is objective and that she cannot be fooled by what she perceives to see – but maybe here she’s blinded because justice here is blinded. She does not open her eyes to what is really happening.



1. 1 - December 8, 2006

wait till the government sees this…..

2. The Truth - December 8, 2006

Is this a threat?

3. CZ - December 9, 2006

the government is concerned about losing their support base come next election when the post 65-ers form the majority of voters. I say, lets wait and see what happens when the post 80-ers come into the picture. haha

4. guojun - December 9, 2006

shhh…heh heh.

5. nedstark - December 10, 2006

dun count on it… optimism in singapore is bad….it will kill u unless ur a member of the elite and giving an interview to the Media.

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