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Crazy Weather November 27, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Winter is coming. It’s true! 1st December will be the first day of winter.

But it doesn’t feel like winter yet…strangely. The weekend was rainy but somehow the rain kept it warm and cosy inside. We had what, temperatures of 15-17 degrees in Trier? In fact, it was so cosy yesterday that i decided to put on a jacket and go for a long walk around Petrisberg to Olewig through the vineyards! Sadly…the vineyards are now all but barren. They harvested all the grapes off them and there’s nary a leaf or a stem left. Gone was the riot of colour which greeted me the first time i wandered that place, replaced by a cutting cool breeze.

Sunset was beautiful, mainly because there was no concrete jungle to block the view. It was simply breathtaking. Something you never see in Singapore – the riot of red, azure, blue-green, oranges, golds and whites. I love the fall. But oh well. All good things come to an end, and fall will come again.

Winter awaits…



1. you-know-hu - November 29, 2006

remember to keep warm..
i dont want to see any missing bodyparts the next time i see you.

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