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I am Singaporean IV: Thinking People November 22, 2006

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

Lol…okay this is gonna be quite light-hearted.

I remember that when i was in green, there was a huge emphasis on thinking soldiers. You know…must think la…don’t get your commanders (i mean, regular commanders) into trouble and don’t get yourself into trouble. So of course we thought…we thought up of some pretty interesting stuff too! For example,

  1. Euphemisms for ‘sleeping during office hours,’ which is actually a very serious offence. For example, we thought up of studying the insides of your eyelids, examining the dust particles on your pillow, erm…observing the circular motion of the fan, and lots more.
  2. How to tekan people…ok ok i shall not reveal it here in case some military big fuck comes by and decides to re-form the SAF (come on. you can’t be a soldier without suffering any form of tekan at least once…)
  3. How to smoke. Of course, the literal sense as in the oxygen sticks (then you got to learn how to quit), but more importantly, how to smoke your boss. Unfortunately, our boss was very difficult to smoke. (Ain’t that right, boss?)
  4. Thinking of how to maneuver through politics. That means basically, a no-nonsense policy when you’re on duty (lol…because no one will cover your ass…like i told my junior officers, ‘DOO = biggest fuck in the unit’ is got reason one lei…) Also, know what’s right and insist on it. Like me v.s. CO in New Zealand.
  5. How to play pool like a pro…considering i was a pool noob in JC…hahahaha and i could end up pwning people! GODLY.

Okay. In school also…we’re encouraged to think instead of regurgitate…you know…when you get information, must think to process it lah. But unfortunately…this hasn’t been very successful yet…because most of the students are mindless automatons who just absorb and regurgitate. I mean, facts are facts right…so you can’t possibly go wrong.

It’s interesting how thinking is encouraged in almost all aspects of life these days. For example, last time for boys it was like…Shut up and go to school. Shut up and study hard. Shut up and accept your punishment (how about 1 stroke of the cane for 1 mark?) Shut up and go to a good JC. Shut up and go to the Army. Shut up and go to university. Shut up and get a job. And so on, and so forth.

Now, different already! Because we are expected to think, it’s now…Shut up and let me go to school. Shut up and let me study hard. Shut up and let me enjoy JC. Shut up and let me choose my uni course. Of course, it’s not so vulgarly expressed la, but you can’t say that this doesn’t happen. Maybe because we’re expected to think for ourselves that people are not so willing to obey blindly anymore. When my folks expected me to study science/engineering or what for uni, i told them i had it up to here with the sciences and i wanted to study a subject where i could think more and not just absorb.

See, i is thinking citizen also!

An interesting thing about thinking is that while we’re being encouraged to think and think and think, we’re not allowed to think about something, namely, our country. So, it looks like this now:

Government: Please think when you are in school so you can learn and not regurgitate. Please think when you are a soldier so you can work more efficiently and make the SAF a more efficient body (a.k.a. 3G Army.) Please think when you work, so you can increase your work productivity. For every 5 years, please do not think about what’s good for the country. Shut up and work/eat/sleep/do whatever you want. But normally, please think. It’s good for you. We also know what’s good for you in particular aspects, so you don’t have to think there.

Okay..it lessens the load on our overloaded brains.




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