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I am Singaporean III: Say Whatever to Politics November 21, 2006

Posted by The Truth in I am Singaporean, Vol. I.

What’s the first word many of this generation say when it comes to politics?

Whatever la, nothing is going to change anyway.’

I have a sneaky suspicion as to where GST is going to, why upgrading only takes place on the most insignificant things (like covering drains when we’ve survived without them for ages,) and why the government accuses us unanimously of complaining, and why people stopped talking about reducing emigration.

Firstly, in all the hubbub about the GST rise (actually a rise from 5% to 7% is a rise of 40 [forty] %…not a 2% rise.) Of course it simply means that goods prices will go up by 2% lah. But for a tax raise, it’s outrageous. Well done, Dear Leaders, for masking the actual raise under a smart veil of smoke or it being only a 2% tax raise. I think a 0.1% tax raise will not satisfy your hungry souls (and of course the stomachs of elitists like a certain RJC girl,) so yah…someone must have come up with the WITS Project title of ‘raise GST by 40%, but tell everyone its only 2%’ and maybe he got $10 for it. Good boy…

Either that, or our politicians and our people as a whole cannot differentiate wordplay from math. Someone is smoking, and the others all just see the smokescreen. zzz…

In connection to that, of course, the money cannot just go to the coffers la…the government has to show us that upgrading actually takes place! This is naturally in the form of highly worthless ‘upgrading projects’ which everyone could do without, like covering the drains to prevent dengue, or by building a large monument just outside my place. I’m sure the money could to go better uses…because we’ve lived pretty okay without them in the past anyway. You could actually save the money and well…give it to the poor and needy who are going to be affected by your little GST hike.

Have you noticed that these days, the government has been accusing us of complaining? Aiyoh, some things we also donno how to do what…since you all are so powderful like you all make yourselves out to be, then confirm will be able to help us la! Pardonnez, but we’ve been brought up on the impression that Government = good/omnipotent/bla-bla. And now YOU say that we are complaining instead of giving you solutions?! I thought you, our Dear Leaders, were supposed to ensure our welfare. Leadership not by example, i see…

Anyway, whenever we have a solution or when we have a mission, the powers that be tend to see it as dangerous…so the moment we say something which might just be interpretated to be anti-government in the slightest sense, we’ll be punished with Something Really Nasty called a defamation suit. Or we’ll be challenged to prove ourselves in the next election *yawn* and then when we don’t get support because of lack of media coverage/smear campaigns/forgetting to submit our minority forms, you’ll laugh at us and say ‘See? WE’RE the best for you. yadda.’ So…so LPPL for what? You want us to be more forthcoming in providing solutions, but you’re scared of us being active. And knowing all politicians, they won’t do anything unless it’ll do themselves good. So there.

Lastly, haven’t you noticed that no one has been talking about emigration lately? I mean, sure, it was a hot topic like a few years back when people said those who stayed overseas after their studies or whatever were ‘quitters’ and deserved to be condemned/sent to a Hell where Chee Soon Juan is also known as Satan. (I mean, he’s probably better than Satan, but yeah…the government’s impression of pure democracy is Hell, anyway, so.) Lately, with the influx of foreign talents, no one has been talking about emigration. This only shows one thing, namely:

I’m sorry, but i think the people upstairs don’t love us so much anymore. =(

Now before you all start crying out in agony ‘Oh, My Lee, why hast Thou forsaken me!’ you should remember that meritocracy is the system our government was built on. Never mind that meritocracy was once used in a cynical sense of the word. Meritocracy states that you will be rewarded according to the amount of merit you show in contributing to society, or being of noble birth (see above.) Yeah before i get distracted again, it means that we’re not so highly valued anymore. So we can emigrate for all we want…as long as your sons have served NS (or get out before your sons are born.) But then, many of you men will find NS an amusing, if not rewarding, experience…

You can always migrate and kick Junior home for the Army when he’s of age!

So yeah…seeing how politics is like this…and seeing how our leaders are well, human too, just say ‘whatever’ for the next 5 years. Wait for the GE then talk lar…



1. jj - November 21, 2006

maybe your school can invite LKY over for a dialogue session.

then u can do a Jamie Han. and be famous! lolz

2. guojun - November 21, 2006

cannot…will get charged…with defamatory lawsuit…

3. jj - November 22, 2006

i’m sure they will let students off. anyway, isnt this the kind of mentality they were tryin to inculcate? haha

thinking soldier, thinking student, thinking housewife, thinking mama shop uncle, thinking err.. politicans. oops.

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