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GST November 17, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Until i was reminded by something today, i actually tended to think of GST as Government Service Tax. You know…we have to pay more to congratulate the government on winning the elections, again.

Well…it’s Goods & Service Tax, okay?? Sometimes my twisted name however seems more fitting…like the intentional mispronunciation of civil servants as sewer serpents.

Eh, we is no Native Engrand Speaker ok? Paiseh lah…

Originally 3%, then now 5%. 7% soon. 2 raises in quite a short period of time lei…and the fact that this tax applies universally doesn’t make sure that the peas…erm, poor are taken care of (unless there is concrete evidence that the tax goes to helping them) and well the rich don’t care anyway. What’s 2% to them?

Ok ok, so the Mehrwertssteur here is 16%. But well…there is Sozialhilfe here. Where do those taxes go to?



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