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Pineapple Tarts, Semen and Charcoal November 16, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Last time, when i was still in green, there was this person in my unit who was notorious for having an insatiable hunger (with a preference for the night snack, especially pineapple tarts.) Everyone called him ‘pineapple tart’ behind his back. Indeed, once he was known for plundering the night snack bag of my friends (my specs), leaving them with almost no more night snack.

One wonders where those pineapple tarts went. Maybe he took them so he could sell them at some pasar malam…or maybe he took it to satisfy his 40329 stomachs.

Anyhoo, he’s also reputed for being a perfect example of what NOT to say when you use the spoken English tongue. An example for all of you. Some background of course…during SEP maintenance, you’ll require cement and changkuls for digging. So…here it goes, on a typical day in the R&S Battery…

Pineappletart (P.): Eh u go and prep the stores for SEP maintenance later.
Sergeant (SGT): What stores do you need, encik?
P.: Give me 2 packet of 5kg semen and 1 charcoal.
SGT: Huh? Encik, charcoal how to dig?
P.: I said charcoal means charcoal!

…(interlude, play nice piped music)…


P.: Eh so how the stores?
SGT: Encik i got your charcoal already…but a bit difficult to get 10kg of semen…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 24 SA, Swift and Precise. You all rock.



1. night_cat - November 16, 2006

wat is SEP maintenance…? new kind one is it? maybe only for DPS lah….. Think only him can have more than 10 kg of semen….other think cannot…full of pineapple tarts in him too

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